Airdry ethnic painting

I wanted to improve my ethnic painting skills. So I bought one of Nicole Brooke color chart to have an idea of the color mixing.
It’s look nothing like it is supposed to. I strip the head 3 times. I have no idea of the concentration of the paint so it’s just guessing and trying.
Very blutchy results…

So I look in the forum, searching for advice.
I found out that Melissa George recommend to use only SlowDry mix in the paint. Great, but I think BabyFx products don’t exist anymore ? So what brand to use ? It must have binders in it, right ?

I look up for a tutorial, they are all for Genesis but I figure I can still have a use for. But Nicole Brook is more than 350$cad…
Kate Charles one I can’t find it nowhere.
Videos are not really helping me. I need a written support.

So what can I do now ?

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I havent been able to find any tutorials for air dry either. I tried to follow a genesis one by mixing similar colours and that didnt work out at all. What I do now is start off the same way I paint my caucasian babies but then I use a lot of burnt umber, purple, blues and I also use some of the darker RebornFX flesh colours. I like to use the costal scents for the creases and shading but I only use panpastels on my caucasian babies.

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I have done that to previously, but that didn’t give the result I want. So I figure a tuto would help me. I think I will try again and maybe one day came with an airdry tuto !

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There are a lot of air dry tutorials out there. Our own Sweetie Pie April has authored some of them. I use the paints from
They are very supportive and even have a free tutorial for their paints. There are air dry products to use on the market as well. Liquitex has a Slo Dri blending fluid and/or gel. Winsor and Newton Artists’ Acrylic Slow Drying Medium. Also, Golden Acrylic Retarder. These are some you might consider.

I was thinking about ethnic air dry tutorials.

I use Golden paints, but the retarder haven’t binders in it. A lot of retarder don’t. I think Liquitex have some in it, it said that you could mix up to 50%.

I’ve heard of some using Golden Airbrush medium for ethnic painting. I believe @JenLen has used it? I bought some, but have not tried it yet.

That could be a good idea ! I will look into it

Right, up to 50%. I am not sure if it matters what colors you are painting, as in ethnic or Caucasian, as far as the slo dri goes. I may be wrong, though.

You are right, color doesn’t matter, but the problem with darker aa skin tone and airdry, is that it becomes blutchy because it dry fast. That’s why using a lot of slow dry instead of water may be interesting. But you want binders in it to avoid paint to fade and chip.

That is true. Hope you find your perfect solution. :slight_smile:

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I am about to do a video tutorial on “how to fast strip a doll”…:sob:

Here are my results so far

Paint don’t want to stick on cheek, hands or feet


What about joining Patreon and following Sue_Ellen with Live-Effects? She uses Ultimate Fusion and powders and just finished tutorials on ethnic painting. 10$ a month US and you can see what she has done and quit after a month or 2. I use GHSP so I can’t offer suggestions for making the paint stick but your base colour is beautiful. Does it just need to cure longer?


I wait about an hour before each layers. It’s tedious.

I will look at Patreon, but not for Ultimate Fusion , It’s a paint really apart. Maybe I can grab some tips tho.

Yes Golden works great but dont use it 100% or it will be super sticky and attracts all kinds of lint and hair
Here is the leg I did one day when I get time I’m going to try an entire kit.:blush:


That is such a pretty skin tone and I love how colors transitioned on the bottom of the foot! It will be a great baby!

You can apply her techniques to pretty much whatever paint you are using. Very worth the $10 a month!

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You pretty much just add water to Ultimate Fusion it’s why I am hesitant but I will try it and see. Whatever can help me at this point is welcome !

I use Waterborne paints with a bit of slowdri. I have been experimenting with ethnic skin tones. I really like using different combos of the primary colors. I mostly mix red blue and yellow with double the yellow. For example 1 drop red 1 drop blue 2 drops yellow. I have also been experimenting with the waterborne tinting colors. I usually got over the doll with a pale rose wash and then a pale brown wash.

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So I joined Sue_Ellen Live Effects and Melissa George Patreon. Both are really helpful and great to watch !

I decided to try this : one baby made with powders and primary method. One baby with primary method and paint, one baby with the Nicole Brooke color chart. I will use the Golden airbrush medium.

I find it sticky, but not worse than Liquitex medium. So far so good, I will see who gets the best results !

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