Air drys! Sold!


Good deal. Baby fx and miracle blend. Every color lol. Comes with a few mediums and powder. No splitting only one bundle. A gallon bag a box and another bag full.
200.00 all of it!



Left is all the mediums, smalls are miracle blend larges are fx


why you selling all your paints?


I’m using heat set


:rofl: Gotcha


I started with air dry and am getting really curious about the Genesis. What do you think of Genesis after working with air dry?


I like air dry a lot but with my schedule heat set is better for me. If you do air dry the right way it takes time


Funny because I feel I get more done with air dry cuz I am not running to the oven.
I keep a couple babies going at once, each at different stages so I can keep things going quicker.


Yeah you do great.
Really need sold ladies thank you ahead


Still available. I just don’t use them


Are they RebornFX or BabyFX? The labels look like they say BabyFX.


Thank you. Baby fx


if you ever decide to split, i might be interested. Babyfx


All now sold