Air dry question


If you are multiple layers in and make a mistake is it possible to just eliminate that mistake or do you have to strip completely and start over. So far, every time I’ve stripped a “layer”, all the layers come off. I’m a complete newbie to air dry and am just venturing out from genesis. I’m using the Golden paint trial sets from MacPherson’s.


Unfortunately you have to start over, or try working over the mistake.
No forgiveness with air dry !
You can try a correction medium like RebornFX correcting fluid on small mistake. It’s gentle and work on fresh dry paint.


You could try rubbing over it with a bit of water. It seems to tone things down a bit. But you can’t really remove a single layer.


I use these paints and almost never strip kits. If you are talking about a small mistake, grab a q-tip and wet it with a bit of water. That usually takes care of it. It is even possible to fix a small mistake with a q-tip and alcohol if you rub lightly and the layers underneath are really dry. If the whole layer is the problem, the whole kit has to be corrected or stripped.


Unless it’s a very small, faint, or inconspicous spot, save your sanity. I have wasted countless hours trying to fix mistakes only to find myself eventually stripping whatever piece in the end. Always asking myself, why didn’t i do this to begin with?


I’m trying to understand why people use airdry now. I can’t imagine being almost done and making a mistake somewhere and having to strip!! Also, There’s no way to “try” something to see if it’s what I’m going for either like I can with Genesis. It seems you have to be very committed to your colors and techniques to proceed with airdry. Unless I’m missing something.


You are missing the health part…
With air dry, I don’t have to inhale fumes, don’t have to wait for baking and cooling, don’t have to buy and store a stove, don’t have to worry about melting a kit…
I just have to paint. So if I have to strip a kit here and there, that’s not so bad !


Advantages: no fumes, no baking, no risk of melting kits, you can get dolls done faster, no worries about the size of the kit. Giant kits can be easily painted.

It actually gets easier with time. I have been painting with air dry since the beginning, so I never got used to the luxury of wiping layers off. Because of this, I got used to correcting mistakes very quickly. If I don’t like a particular color of a wash, I just do another to correct it. I make tons of dolls and very rarely ruin one to the point of it needing to be stripped.


I’m just beginning to try the air dry and I much prefer painting with Genesis. I find with air dry you have to get it right the first time. I’m working on a baby doll for my granddaughter. I’m too old to be trying something new!


Definitely gonna be a learning curve. I’m using 1/4 limb doll to practice on. I would like to be able to master it bc it seems more convenient and quicker than genesis but I love working with genesis and the outcome it produces. I’m gonna keep trying the airdry for a while.


I have some huge Juan limbs that I use to try things out on. I strip those sections periodically and use them again. I started reborning with air dry paints and have used them ever since. I love them.


I have an arm from Emmy. It’s coming in handy.


I love air dry paints, my problems is I cannot get the paint thin enough to achieve the same look of intensity yet softness that I love about Genesis. If I made my layers thin in air dry paints, they disappeared on me. Maybe I was doing something wrong like over using the Slow Dry medium but when I didn’t I couldn’t get the paints translucent enough. I am not sure if the layers are supposed to be thicker (like with glass and tile medium mixed with paint and used straight)?
I am going to try again this summer, though. GA summers are too hot for baking with the window open.


If you thin the paint with water too much, it won’t work well. Add back in some binders and it will be much better.


I’m following the Nikki Holland tutorial with the Real Effect paints that I purchased. She tells you to mix in some Matte varnish with the water and paint. I find that I cannot do multiple layers one after another like I did with the Genesis after baking each layer. I have to wait at least 24 hours between layers. I’m not used to that. I suppose I will learn to have more patience.


I’ve found the opposite…that it dries so quickly I can’t make any changes and can go right to the next thing. I’m using Golden paints and mediums tho.


I use miracle blend paints and regular acrylics. I can also just keep going. By the time I finish painting the last part, the first one is dry.


I purchased some Golden primary yellow from Michael’s since my UF yellow warm is about out. The primary yellow in Golden brand looks exactly the same. I painted two limbs on baby with the new paint and didn’t realize how dark it was compared to the other limbs until the next morning. The sun was going down and I didn’t have enough daylight to continue painting the other limbs and head. Anyways, the next day the limbs were yellow! I tried stripping with Windsor and Newton brush cleaner, then nail polish remover, 99% rubbing alcohol and finally pure acetone. Nothing removed the paint! I found out that Golden paints don’t come off vinyl. This is good and bad… I had no choice but to paint the rest of the baby yellow to match. I did a few light lavender layers (I don’t do washes, all my layers are done with a sea sponge) and went over that with a mop brush dipped in pomegranate red powders and pounced over the vinyl to “liven” it up. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how it turned out.
I worry I’m going to have to purchase a new kit… I’m really hoping I don’t. She’s not super yellow, but more so than I would have liked.


Can’t wait to see your baby! @cutencuddly


It is definitely hard to get off, so much so that I wouldn’t even bother trying to strip a kit unless it was one of those super expensive SOLE kits.

I have turned a baby yellow more than once the same way that you did: poor lighting. It’s really pretty easy to correct most of the time. If you’d reconsider doing washes, that would correct it. If it’s not too yellow, the lavender mottle would correct it. If you so flesh layers, you can also add a drop of purple into that mixture.