Air dry question?


I have the little bottles so I don’t think they will dry up on me but thanks for the info on the fading…that worries me. Ive just been experimenting because the soft body liquitex are not easy for me to come by, at least not many of the colours. I was thinking of mixing some W&N paints but I hate the smell of them. I think maybe Ill look at the paints that @Bellybutton mentioned or Ill just use the heavy body paints because I can buy them at the store…or maybe Ill just end up with a mix of all. I was considering also just replacing my Jo Sonja as I run out because Im accustomed to them. Some colours I have Ive never even use but some are starting to run low.


I found this company that is a distributor for Liquitex and they have international locations including France. I found their name on the jar labels and did a search. Here is the link to their site:


The link for the Liquitex just took me back to the US site. I am going to look at Lefranc Bourgeois paints though, there is a link to it from the site. For now I think Im ok, I have very large pots of Liquitex and I can maybe get the other colours that I need in a different brand. I do know that Jo Sonja is good because I have had no troubles with my paint coming off…even on this new head that I’m rooting that is so hard that I have to nearly cook it to get it hot enough with the head lamp to root any hair…no problems with my paint…even when I am constantly manipulating the head to put in the eyes and take them back out.
Thank you for thinking of me and helping me out…I am thankful for all the great advice I get here.
Im in a really good mood right now because my husband told me to go ahead buy a Saskia kit…Ive been wanting to paint one soooo badly and I knew these would be the last ones.


I took out my paints today and took pictures of the sandalwood and taupe so you could get and idea of the colors. I couldn’t believe it when I found that they had the colors listed that created these colors on the label! Thank goodness for my new reading glasses.

Sandalwood=iron oxide yellow, titanium white, veneitian red and bone black.

Taupe=burnt sienna, burnt umber, titanium white and iron oxide yellow.


Awesome, that helps a lot!

I have time to paint tomorrow so Ill play around with mixing paints and see if I can replicate the colours. Ive been looking online for swatches of the colours as well.


I can’t find veneitian red to see if I can match that colour…ill look around more. The only red I have, aside from burgundy and pink, is Napthol Red and the only black I have is Jo Sonja Mars Black.


I kinda skimmed thru all of this, thought someone mentioned France…I saw this last week and it caught my attention. I don’t know anything about these, just thought i’d share.


With Liquitex, how do you mix your AA flesh colors? For example flesh 03.


As long as Jo Sonjas are not thinned with only water or too much water, they will work well. Too much water breaks down the pigment binders in acrylic paints, which is why it is best to use a medium along with them.


I never knew there was a Secrist France. Funny what pops up from day to day. Wondering if these are just repackaged into a set. Might save money for someone who just wants to try them out. I dont need more paint. I have enough paints to paint my house!