Air dry question?


The only thing I don’t like with RebornFx, it’s their dilutent. It’s sticky. Maybe you could try the flesh color with a bottle of emulsion to mix with your liquitex ? But seriously, I think any paint, mix with a good medium and just a bit of water give great adherence and good results. I have also used cheap craft paint before, the only thing, they have less pigment. They are made for plastic, vinyl and other surface, so…


I just use Liquitex mixed with a dab of ultra matte gel and water.


I just started painting Landon today and I managed to mix up a good flesh tone so maybe Im getting better ;). I just went ahead and bought the bottle of the Baby FX paint because I bought the matting powder and I thought Id try one of the paints as well. Ill, more than likely, just keep adding to my Liquitex paints when I run out of colours that I have and use in Jo Sonja.


i use che’air


@Lil Im wondering what the LDC paints are like? I am using Jo Sonja and Miracle blend at the moment.


They are more liquid so I mixed some Matte gel in with them so they behaved more like the thicker paints, even though I water them down anyway, its probably because Im just not accustomed to more runny paint. I do like them and I did order some of the browns and their “skin” tone so Im hoping they work out for me and, if so, I may order them again. Ill definitely use the ones I have and bought.


Thanks @Lil Which LDC colours do you use for the lips as i couldnt see a specific pre-mixed shade?


I love mixing my own skin tones and you will get better as you go along. Just have confidence in yourself. Just keep mixing and experimenting and have fun. I use 3 main colors for my base skin tone colors in the Liquitex soft body. Sandalwood for light skin, taupe for medium skin and add burnt umber to the taupe for darker skin tones. You can add small amounts of other colors such as red to add a rosy tone, yellow oxide for caramel tone and burnt sienna for a more bronze tone, to name a few. Just mix until you are happy. I don’t measure or have recipes. I eyeball it until I get the color and tone that I want and like. I hope this helps.

Here is an example of a Shyann that I did in which I wanted her to have a soft pale skin tone. I used the sandalwood and added some taupe to darker it just a bit.

Here is Greta Marx that I did with using taupe and adding burnt umber for a darker skin tone.


Thank you so much. Im going to go put Sandalwood and Taupe in my cart on Amazon. Right now I use the Jo Sonja skin tone (nearly out of it), some red, blue and yellow…and sometimes burnt umber (my best friend LOL). I think I have raw sienna and I really like that colour as well. Ill keep working at it and I really appreciate the help :). Your babies are beautiful, I really love your Shyann :slight_smile:

Well…I went to Amazon, the only place I can get Liquitex soft body, and they don’t have Sandalwood or Taupe :frowning:


I use different colours and typically I use my Liquitex or Jo Sonja paint for the lips and mouth. I have had serious trouble with mouths and lips but Ive gotten better at it by adding shading as I paint. Like when I do my red mottling which is a crimson red (looks like a very primary red) and I mix it with a bit of burnt umber until it looks like blood…I put a bit of that on the inside of the mouth. Later I use a bit of purple and some burgundy. I know the LDC has a burgundy and a dark burgundy. They also have the light red colour that works pretty good if you darken it. They also have a rose and a dark rose that could help.


So I looked all over for Teal and Sandalwood and Ive found that sandalwood was in the “Decorative Series” from Liquitex and they have been discontinued.
Do you think that Unbleached Titanium with a bit of pink would be a good substitute for Sandalwood?
I found Teal…Edit…just realised its Taupe, not Teal…sorry. I think that was part of the Decorative Series as well.


I am so sorry. I did not realize that these colors were discontinued. I purchased these a few years ago at an art store.
I would give it a try with the unbleached titanium and a small amount of pink. I will also give it a try tomorrow and see how it goes and also see if I can get a mix to make the taupe.


Oh, its ok, I appreciate the help regardless. I was just watching a video of a mix for taupe LOL. Ill go ahead and get the unbleached titanium, i was going to do that anyway because Im so low on skin tone. I did order the skin tone from LDC but I don’t know how that will work out, it does mix ok with Liquitex so Ill have to play around with that. I also went ahead and ordered “baby skin” from Reborn FX when I ordered their matting powder. I just wanted to try it, it would be too expensive for me to switch to that paint though. Shipping is very high from the US and Canada.


thank you @Lil lips are my worst nightmare i cannot get them looking real. I am residing in Germany can you send me the link to which amazon sells the liquitex as i cannot locate them in Gemany x


You do not have to use the Diluent. I have found that you can add 10-15 drops of water and 1-2 drops of Emulsion to the ready mixed paints to thin them and that works fine. I have also found that the Jo Sonjas Flow Medium seems to work just as well as the Diluent if you want to thin the paints down some with that. I have also experiemented using both Golden Liquid Matte Medium or Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel in their premixed paints when thinning with water and all the above works. The premixed paints have enough of their binders in them that if you choose to use your art store mediums they will work fine. Lately though, I have just been using distilled water and a drop or 2 of Emulsion to thin mine and I am liking those results. For some things, like lips, nails & creases I use the paints straight from the bottle and just add a couple drops of Open Time. Here is my Tacy after painting hair, not sealed yet.


I know you weren’t talking to me but thanks for the tip on the Jo Sonja flow medium because I have two bottles of that :slight_smile:


If I were you, Id just buy the LDC paints from Puppen Traumland, thats where I get mine and I get all my stuffing materials from them as well.
If you want the Liquitex you may have an easier time finding the Heavy Body type which works just as well, you just have to mix it well with a medium and water. I have one tube because I can find it at the artist/craft stores here in France. I just put it in my dish with a bit of water and smash it around with my mixing brush until it is completely diluted into the water, then I add a medium, like Liquitex matte medium. They do have some on the French Amazon…here is a link if you want it.

I like the big pots but if you get them, don’t take the covers off or the paint dries around the lid and they are hard to open. I just pull the cover off a bit so I can put my brush in.

If you want to use the LDC, Id just buy all the reds, pinks and the skin colours and you can use those for mouths and lips…Or, if you need to, I think the large set is very low priced and you could always get that.


@anjsmiles Where did you get that full limbed body? I need a 14" one just like that.


I am going to be honest, I have used LDC paints in the past when Linda of Dolldreams sold them and I had issues with the color fading with those paints. Not just once either, on several dolls. While I know some like them, I do not recommend them. I also had lots of mine dry up in the pots before I could use them up.


It came from Marita Winters, purchased to go with the kit.