Air dry question?


Hey guys looking to try out air dry… I keep wanting to but now that o have a big girl job I can afford it!..opinions on the best to work with? Thanks!


There are too many, you just have to pick one and go for it. I chose one suggested by a forum member that hasn’t been on in a very long time. The most popular one is Reborn FX. I use Liquitex Soft Body and Heavy Body. I started out using Waterborne. They are very different from each other. Good Luck!


I love my RebornFX!


I love my soft body and hard body Liquitex. I like the result, that they’re less expensive and that I can just go buy them at Michael’s.


I absolutely love Che’Air paints. They are fantastic. You can get them at


Can i ask what is the difference between the Liquitex soft body and heavy body paint?


From what I was told at the store, soft body ‘flows’ more. Hard body stays firmer.


I use a artist quality paint that is very pigmented mixed with the rebornFX emulsion. Cost far less then the premixed paint. I add liquitex mat medium and a bit of water. It work very well.


One of the nice things about the RebornFX Emulsion and their paints is that they will mix well with any other brand of air dry paints you have. So if you want to get their Emulsion and use it with artist grade paints like you buy at Hobby Lobby/Michaels you can. OR you can use their pure pigments and pr-mixed paints to boost the pigment content in the cheaper made air dry paints you may have already bought from other producers. Just add a couple drops of their Emulsion and mix the two brands to make the new mix. I mix my BabyFX in with my RebornFX all the time. Also, I find the RebornFX Emulsion makes the BabyFX stick much better. RebornFX paints and products contain no ingredients known to cause health hazzards and are therefore very safe to use. The RebornFX do not contain mixers to reduce separation because those products can be hazardous by Canada’s standards, so they are not in them. Therefore, they do have to be shaken/mixed before use but you have the assurance they are safe ingredients. Also, a little goes a very long way with them because they have such a great pigment load. I can tell you many of these other reborn paint brands mentioned do not have near the pigment load of the RebornFX.


I use TriArt mfg from Hachem, it has more pigment then rebornFx pigment…and cost lest. Little bottles of pigment are a pain to use for me.


Although I have tried many different brands of air dry paints the artist grade Liquitex soft body is still my preferred paint. It performs very well for me. I only add a small amount of ultra matte gel and distilled water to my paint mix and don’t have to add other mediums to get it to perform the way I want it to. I have never had a problem with it not sticking to the vinyl. I also like the fact that it has been tested and approved for being non-toxic in which the AP(approved) seal is printed on their jars. They have also been tested for light-fastness(how long the color will last and not fade) and the rating is also printed on their labels.


I use Stephanie sullivans waterborne paints.i love them.she has a starter pkg that runs around $35. And is enough to paint several kits.jmo


I have never heard of that brand but looked at it and sounds like a very good paint. I know both Liquitex and Golden are great brands as well. I think each person just has to find which brand they personally are able to work best with and go with it. The biggest benefit of air dry paints is no baking and many of them are non-toxic.


Thank you ladies! I have some liquitex so I think I’m going to try it out on a test limb.


I have a little collection of paints going on, Jo Sonja, Winsor & Newton, LDC, and Liquitex soft body. I bought Jo Sonja first but then started buying LIquitex and I buy them in big jars instead of tubes…i also don’t like little bottles of paint but I like the colours I have in LDC in spite of their small bottles, and use them in addition to the rest. I have one tube of W&N because I wanted to try it…I got yellow ocre…it has a weird smell but its great paint :slight_smile:
I would say I prefer the Liquitex to the rest.


I fogot to say that I have try Luminaire. I like it, nice paint and good result, just mix with water so less trouble.


It is very similar to Golden in quality, but it’s a home brand.


Hi Bellybutton,

I use Luminaire as well, I find if I mix it with the distilled water it works best. It took me 2 years to get to using Luminaire where I can feel confident it works for me. There are a lot of "kink"s to work out with it but once you get use to it, it looks great!



I had a very bad experience with Luminaire. I threw mine out and cannot in good conscience recommend them.


@jeanhai Ive heard quite a few people say they don’t like Luminaire. LDC is the first and only reborn paint Ive tried. It works fine mixed with a bit of Liquitex matte gel. Its quite liquid in comparison to my other paints but it also mixed up really well with the Golden Glazing liquid. @Bellybutton maybe look into reviews before buying. I just bought one bottle of the Reborn FX, even though I have to import it through Canada, I wanted to try it because, like Luminaire, you don’t have to mix it with anything but water, if you don’t want or need to. I wish they sold it in Europe or, at least, sold it in larger bottles to make importing it more worth while. Maybe I won’t like it…I doubt I could like anything more than Liquitex. It would be nice to have the flesh colours premixed though because I still am having troubles with them.