Air dry products and Silicone bottle Nipples

2 full bottles of BabyFX final sealer, 1/2 bottle BabyFX subtle shine, one full bottle RebornFX matte varnish . $10 USA shipped

This is a one step final varnish for airdry paints that leaves a very dewy finish. (MacPherson’s had originally labled it wrong so that is why the label has been written on) I think it is best suited for sealing painted hair, nail tips, and lips But some people do use it on the whole doll. This bottle retails for 19.99. Selling for $12 USA shipped.

16 New nipples never used. $10 shipped USA only


Thank you for tagging me @hyelah1990 hyelah1990

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Can they be shipped internationally?

I prefer to only send out in USA

Ok no worries

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You can get the 2 in 1 coat on Macphersons if thats what you want :wink: