Air dry paints

i was wondering what are the best air dry paints to use to achieve the closest to genisis results. i have been baby sitting my 9mo old great grandson and i really do not want to use the heat set paints with him around. i have had him 5 days a week and on the days i don’t have him i have errands to run and shopping and i just don’t get to paint, i would also like to know the best place to get the air dry paints, lowest and fastest shipping. i do not like oils they take to long to dry.i want fairly fast drying paints, has anyone used the water colors BB has ? i have never seen any dolls done with them.

thank you connie

When I first started reborning I got a starter kit from bloomers and bows on ebay with air dry paints, they dry fast but I found with air dry it is good to let the doll sit for a couple days for the paint to set in, my first doll was to light it needed more layers. I only did a couple of dolls with air dry then bought an oven for heat set paints. Bloomers and bows had pretty good prices. Hope that helps
Gina J

I have read that the ones from doll dreams are good…there is a tutorial on the site on how to use them I bought them, but haven’t tried them out yet. I’ll post here again after I’ve tried them and let you know how I liked them!

I use bnb for 7 months now and loves drys pretty fast also.I love that I dont have to use a oven if is example of bnb paints.

my first ever

my third lol
still learning

my most recent my 6 six baby

my recent baby

and what I am working with right now with bnb

sorry there so much picture but hope this help I love this paint

Thank you Phala209 for posting all those babies. That is really helpful to those of us who are considering the air dry paints. And by the way, your babies are beautiful.


I use the LDC paints almost exclusively now, and I love them. I hated using the oven, and I was worried about the toxins. On my website I have some of the dolls I’ve done with LDC. Most of the ‘in the works’ (except Paisley and the Berenguer) and Ariane, Teagan, and Noelle were all painted with LDC. I have a derrick I’m done painting too, but I haven’t updated my website since I moved. I do put a layer of Genesis Matte to seal the paints, just in case. I’ve never had any of my paints change color in the oven, but I can’t say what works for me will work for you.

I have used both air dry paints from bnb and LDC (doll dreams) I like the LDC paints better, and yes it is better to let them sit overnight before applying other layers. I too put the genesis heat set matte finish on after I am through. I have also sprayed them with a shine reducing matte spray used to set pastel darawings. Hope this helps…I use both genesis and air dry now…here are mt latest 2 babies…the first is with genesis and the second with air dry…

thank you all for responding , i have considered the bnb air dry and think i will give them a try, thank you phala 209 for posting all those pics your babies are beautiful,if i can get those paints to look that good i will be very pleased. i have never noticed any odor from baking my dolls when useing genisis and i know that the paints are set as they do not rub off and they are not chalky,so i continued to use them, but having my baby great grandson iam kind of afraid of taking a chance i don’t want to do any thing that may jeprodize his health now or years on down the road.


I recently switched from Genesis to LDC paints. I am keeping my Genesis for when I am asked to repair dolls that others have reborn in Genesis but I LOVE my LDC paints and plan to use them predominantly. I have posted a lot of information on my website about using the LDC paints.
On my 2010 adopted babies page Trinity Grace, Miranda Ivy and Carter were all painted with LDC paints.