Air dry paint


I highly recommend staying with GHP. I started off with air dry paints then switched to GHP and will never go back to b l o o m e r s and b o w s air dry paints.


I decided to try the air dry paints this summer. At first I had a lot of trouble with the dolls looking chalky. But, it turns out that I wasn’t using enough water to thin them. It takes a lot of practice, but you can get a good looking doll with them. I think the GHSP are easier to use and control. I prefer them, but I don’t like the baking part - especially since I found out we shouldn’t use our cooking oven to bake them. You do not want the vinyl fumes in your house. I have found that I like to use the air dry paints to paint hair on the heads before rooting. No baking necessary, and it looks good. I’ll probably use the air dry paints more in the winter.


get a turkey roaster… I put mine by an open window…no fumes or smell. Or outside in the shed, or porch.


8 minutes in the oven or turkey roaster, and of course you have to watch/check on the mold while it is baking (just like anything else you would bake).

I have not heard of anyone getting sick from using GHP. Yes, you maybe alittle paranoid

It won’t melt if you keep your eye on it. Time and Temp. is the key.

We all have our individual choices and opinions. Personally for me, I like GHP.


I’ve only ever used air-dry paints from B n B. I decided to start reborning with air dry because I was intimidated by using the oven and how long it would take me.

This is my Tory from BB with air dry paints. I think he has good tone/coloring. The paints adhere to the vinyl very well and I only use a little matte finish diluted with water and pounce a very thin layer to do a final seal


I used the air dry paints and I don’t like them. I started out with them and I think they aren’t as durable as the genesis paints. I like the genesis much better. Still getting used to them but I like the fact that you can wipe off the paint if you aren’t happy. Much easier to work with than air dry.

My Thomas in my siggie was done with air dry paints. Looks lovely but I worry about the paint wearing off or trying to clean it if it gets dirty.


Well you all know my Jo Sonjas trials.
I loved using them but they are not durable on all types of vinyl unless you seal them before and after you paint with them.

I don’t think the B n B paints have been around long enough to know for sure about their long term durability.

If I were to go to air dry paints now I would use the LDC ones because I know that Debbie of TNGUN has been using them over a year and has kept up with all her buyers to make sure the paint has held it’s color and she says it has. In fact, she wrote the tutorial that DD has for them. I don’t have any LDC paints but I would like to get some later on to keep on hand for the larger kits or for when I just don’t want to bake.


I think Alexis Stewart was also using the air dry paints now, too. I believe she likes them and I don’t know if she uses the GHSP any more.



I do prefer the Air dry paints. I use LDC paints from Doll Dreams. On my most recent doll, I used genesis as a matte base, to get a bit of texture, and that’s working pretty well. It’s not necessary though. Just like any new thing you try, it takes a bit of practice. I love that I don’t have to bake anymore. Now that I bought a house, and have to pay utilities, I’m glad to not have the extra oven usage on my bill. Here are a couple of the babies I’ve done with them. Melle is STILL in progress. He got put aside in the move and I’m still unpacking, and I don’t have any pictures of Taylor finished yet.


Baking isn’t an option for me so I’ve been using B n B paints. At some point I’d like to try the LDC paints to see how they compare, but for right now I’m just using what I’ve got. So far I’m pleased with the results.


Hey, Alexis -

Congratulations on the new digs!!



Thanks Judy! It’s exciting. We’ll have our house paid off by the time we’re my parents age, lol that’s a little unnerving but I’m glad we got started young. We’re still painting and decorating, well… I am. Ian had to go to mountain training for a month. He’ll be back Thursday though, so I’ll have some help now.


Well - it’s always exciting when you can call it your OWN. Show us some photos when you’re ready.