Air Dry Paint Questions, and a sticky kit

So I took a break from reborning and just getting back into it. One of the kits I stored is sticky, I’ve washed it three times and it’s still sticky… Any ideas?

How do you strip a kit if you use air dry paints?

I’m new to reborning, but I used rubbing alcohol on my kit and the air dry came right off.

And no issues when reapplying paint?

I use Windsor and Newton to strip with then wash the kit in hot soapy water and rinse. If the vinyl absorbs too much alcohol it can cause air dry paints not to stick to it.

If your kit is sticky either the vinyl is breaking down or their was too much releasing agents in the vinyl and now they are seeping out. Secrist had a lot of issues with oily seapy kits years ago. So did Lee Middleton dolls. Not much you can do but toss them. It can’t be fixed permanently.

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Good to know! Where can you get Windsor and Newton? Any shops locally or online?

I use Ajax cream cleaner to strip my air dry. Alcohol doesn’t remove BabyFx paints once it’s cured - not sure what paints you used.


I use Luminaries. Where can I find Ajax cream cleaner?

I use Windsor & Newton for stripping. Then wash in hot water with Dawn dish soap. Try sealing the stickiness with soft touch varnish on a hand or foot and see if it goes away

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When stripping what do you use to scrub the paint off, towel or cotton balls or? Is the winsor and Newton the brush cleaner that bb sells?

I use baby wipes soaked in alcohol with babyfx that’s not cured, ajax cream cleanser if it is. I waited too long to strip two of them and even with Ajax the vinyl is really stained, so lesson learned.

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It is the one that BB sales but can also be purchased at Walmart or hoppy lobby or anywhere that sales paints and paint thinners.

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Yellow air dry stains the worst! Almost more than blue. I have Winsor Newton that I use if Ajax (in the cleaning section of any department store) isn’t cutting it. But I have a kit that even Winsor Newton couldn’t strip the yellow off (a repair baby…not my own so I can’t say what kind of air dry caused that issue).

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I know this is an old topic but it may help someone now-- if your vinyl becomes sticky over time you can use WD-40 - it works and doesn’t harm the paint as long as used sparingly.

Are you talking about while painting or on a finished baby?
That is an oily product so I am confused…
Oil based paints can be applied over air dry paints but then you would not go back over them with air dry. Air dry paints actually make a good base for oil based paints.

I have found some of my best prices for Windsor & Newton on Amazon. I like to keep the 32 oz. size on hand.