Air dry paint making doll orange?


Has anyone experienced this particular color making the kit orange? I want to formally apologize because until it was pointed out to me I had no idea he looked orange and here I was thinking he looked good. I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I showcased my work when it did not meet standards. What can I do to correct the orange tint? Also if you have a better paint suggestion please share because this one isn’t cutting it.


A thin blue wash will neutralize orange.


Ok thanks! I will pick back up tomorrow and see if I can get this fixed. I am just gutted right now over it.


@littleboyblue don’t feel bad about how your kit looks to others because all of our screens and eyes pick up color differently. Saying that - neutralizing a color till you get the desired look you want is pretty easy. We all have mishaps on our way to becoming a better artist. Make sure you ask people around you and not just here on the Forum. Cause we are looking through a computer. Good Luck!


Girl… you know how many times something like this happens? We get it. We have been there. Fix it, move on. Show more pics!!! :heart:


I use this brand of paint and have used that color without a problem. Babies come in all complexions; some really are more orange, so unless he looks like a tangerine, I wouldn’t stress it too much.

As others have said, a very thin blue wash should counteract the orange if you feel like it needs to be neutralized. It is very common to have to play around with washes until you get the color you are looking for.


This color is a warm red so it does have an orange tint to it. Before using it, add some blue to it and mix well to make it more of a cool primary red.


I rarely use that colour but it works well for a peachy blush. Also, you should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to post your babies here! If you are just starting out then this is the best place to get advice. I just started in May of 2017 and I was…and still am, very happy for all the advice and help I get here.

Also, you mean better colour right?..not better paint because there is no better paint than Golden :wink: Yes I sing the praises :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


WaterBorne paints.
The service is phenomenal, and the owner is very helpful in anyway she can be. I love these paints, and the price is reasonable.


Never, Never, Never apologize for showcasing your work!! We love to see peoples WIP and that’s the only way you learn when others can give you constructive critique. We ALWAYS want to help, so please continue to ask for advice and tips!! I’m sorry you are finding this color a little on the orange side, I don’t work with acrylics so I can’t help you with that but maybe try adding a tiny bit of blue and see how that mixes up. Do you have any ‘test’ parts? So much of this hobby is trial and error, you’ll get there. Enjoy the journey and don’t be so hard on yourself. We are glad to have you learning along with the rest of us!!! Keep posting those baby pictures!!