Air dry head with painted limbs


I have a head that has been around since i think 2009 that i did with air dry paints. I did not like the way the limbs turned they were kind of chalky. Is it possible to match up limbs with heat set paint to a head that is air dry? I switched to heat set in late 2009 or early 2010 like the results much better. Has anyone had any experience with this.

I suppose i could strip the head to but kind of like him the way he is. I know he is not the best but first try. It isnt as pink as the pic shows


Of-course, it is possible, but only you can know if you have the skill to mix your paints and match it to the head. Stripping head with hair on it is problematic, because the edge where you stop will be visible. And stripping and painting into the hairline will be also messy.


I’ve got both air dry and genesis painted babies but I don’t know if it would look right to mix the two. Not to mention trying to match the coloring. Genesis lacks the creaminess that I could get with air dry. Of course I haven’t worked a lot with genesis so that is part of it. There is just a different look and feel between the two to me.


Which do you prefer? And why?