Air Dry Gurus


I’m looking for information on force curing my paints. In one post @Sony72 has said to bake Miracle blend and Baby FX at 265 for 8 minutes. I’m assuming that would work with Liquitex as well but you know what they say about assumptions. Does anyone know for sure? Can you force cure the Soft Touch Varnish too?
Thanks in advance!


I don’t know as I have never done that but someone said you can use a hair dryer.


Thanks. I’ll post on Facebook and see if anyone there knows. I didn’t buy an oven when I started because I didn’t want to “waste” money. If I had only known. Lol


May I ask why you want to cure it like that? I use miracle blend and have never baked it.


I would never bake vinyl, that is the benefit of air dry paint… no baking ever. They really dry fast enough and would never suggest “forcing” it
if you are on FB, check my nursery page, Nancy’s Lil Darlings. There are over 2000 pics of my work, over 12 year span, all done with air dry paint (LDC air dry)



It was mostly going to be for my own peace of mind. I’ve had issues with rubbing off and too much shine and I’m never quite certain that the paint has cured.


Your dolls are amazing! How long do you let them rest after painting is complete?


thank you… not quite sure what you mean, but they really dry fast, to touch… I don’t use paint retarder, never did. I think that slows up paint drying. it takes 2 weeks to fully cure, if that is what you mean… but that is just the one I use, maybe other air dry is different??


@NancyW, may I ask what type of glue you use to glue on your eyelashes?? They always look so gorgeous!! Do you ever have a problem with them coming off??


thank you. I like Crafter’s Pick Ultimate glue the best, but have used a lot of different ones . No, once on they stay on :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, I actually have that glue on hand, I use it for gluing on my felt circles over the holes after I stuff the limbs.