Air-Dry Baby Pics👶🏼

I seem to be finding that all of my favourite Artists use the GHS paints, and it’s been putting me off continuing with my Air-Dry paints, so I would love to see everyone’s Air-Dry babies! Could you also say which paint you used too please


@DollyPardon does lovely air dry


I use miracle blend paints.


Thank you, @jlesser! :blush:

I’ve posted these before, so hopefully no one gets sick of them, but here. I use Golden paints.


Baby fx paints and powders (discontinued), a few liquitex soft bodied and golden fluid acrylics being phased in.


All my babies are air dry after 2013. Even silicone paint is an air dry paint.
I have photos albums here:
Click on each year to see all the photos in that album. In the 2003-2014 there is a mixture of both Genesis and Air Dry babies.
I now use RebornFX, Golden Fluid Paints and Liquitex Acrylic Gouache. I have some Ultimate Fusion that I sometimes use for a layer or so and I have colors for hair painting.


I’m a beginner still but I use rebornfx


These are some of mine. I use Liquitex Soft Body and Hard Body paints.


Even though I have used several brands of air dry paints my favorite is Liguitex professional/artist grade paints.

London Blick


I use cher


We will never get sick of seeing your babies, but what puzzles me every time is why people don’t do the search first, as same questions ask over, and over, and over again :wink:
This forum is just too nice to answer them over, and over again. Who has time for it?


I love that first baby!

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All precious! Little Captain is my fav!


I am so happy you chimed in. I think you dolls are so perfect. I was trying to find the place to bring your artwork up. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

The search is frustrating because you get tons of different responses to your query that often don’t have anything to do with your question. It’s often hard to search for specific things. If you do a search for air dry artist, it brings up anything with any combination of those three words and you have to sort through 1000 unrelated topics.

Plus some of the responses are so old that the images are no longer there.

I honestly used post questions just to spark fresh conversations and inspire thought and creativity. The new posts give people the opportunity to share their work (and who doesn’t love sharing their babies) thoughts and ideas and give people fresh up to date insight. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I did use search, but everything that came back from my query was years old, and therefore may not necessarily be relevant for 2020 and I definitely have time to see everyone’s beautiful babies over and over again🙂


Thankyou everyone for sharing your air-dry master pieces. I will keep persevering with air dry, but I definitely think I need to change brands so thankyou for letting me know what you all are using and how my babies could look :slightly_smiling_face:

Another reason to see Ducklin, love, love yours (again). I purchased her from Sandies when she was on sale last week. She I s very slow shipping usually way fast. But I’ve been sewing baby clothes and I know the mail isn’t dependable now. I’ve also been redoing some of my reborns over the last month.

Thank you. I keep looking at her and thinking I should get her listed. I keep procrastinating because I don’t really want to let her go.

I use golden acrylics and love them! I haven’t been able to paint tons since I’m just getting back into reborning after two years away, but here’s my recent Levi!

and here she was before hair!

I think a lot of it is about artistry, and the pigmentation of the paints themselves.