Air Dry artists


Your babies are outstanding!!!


I use Luminaire not popular with most people but I don’t sell my dolls and the paints work for me. I have found that if I boil water and soak my brushes for 10 minutes after use it will cut down on the lint from the bristles. This prob would not work for heat set paints just air dry. Not sure.


Whoa!! Gorgeous babies!! You give me hope and inspiration!


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Y’alls babies are gorgeous too!!

I spent 3 years teaching myself air dry paints- Baby Fx even though they were discontinued right after I started with them. I failed. So here I am back to Genesis :frowning: Everyone of you has given me inspiration to try again!!


Thank you, @catherineweebab. You can do this. I started with babyfx as well. In fact, I like the Golden fluid paints because that’s what they kind of remind me of. The biggest difference is that they are not as matte and they grab the vinyl faster. Once I learned to work around that, using them got a lot easier.

Thank you, @katieperry. :heart:


There are a lot of us around that use air dry. I have never used Genesis but there are those who have so Im sure someone here can help you out if you run into problems.


@DollyPardon and @Lil thank you both so much.


So it seems a lot of you use the Golden Fliud products for air dry. This can be bought at Michaels?
if I were to buy the Golden products, which products would I need to paint?
The paint, distilled water, and…?
Thank you in advance. I’m feeling inspired by this post. I’d like to buy something that I can get from a store instead of always have to order and wait for it to come in.


Michaels has Golden fluid paints and some mediums. I’d start off with the colors you usually use and fluid matte medium or satin glazing liquid. Distilled water helps a lot for making washes and that came be found at a grocery or Pharmacies. Michaels also sells the brushes, sea sponges, etc. you may need as you move from heat set to air dry. Welcome to air dry, good luck!


Thank you!


I have used air dry for 2 years now. Started with the cheap folkart paints and now use Golden. I mix a little ultra matte gel into my paint as well.


Lil, I did go to Michaels to get the wetting agent. They did not have it in that brand – but they DID have it in the Liquitex brand. It has the exact same directions, etc., and I am relatively sure it is the same thing. Also, the other mediums I use are pretty much all Liquitex. As soon as I can get back to painting I plan to try it out. Thanks so much for your help.


No, there is no Michaels in France. I get all my Golden paints and mediums at this shop online
Im sure the liquitex will work just fine :slight_smile:


I guess I left out a little info there. Sorry. When I looked up where to purchase the agent in my area, only Michael’s carries it. Here, anyway. That is what I meant about Michael’s not having it. Sometimes I do that – just skip over something.


Ah ok…I thought you asked me if I got it at Michaels…it was early when I read your post :wink:


That’s OK. I don’t always communicate what I hope to and what I think I have. :slight_smile: Wouldn’t it be great to have a Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. in France? I know they do have American establishments in Europe. Mostly restaurants. I have heard of a WalMart someplace in Europe. I never was clear on where. Hope you have a very good day today.


I researched that, and they DID have a Walmart in Germany, but they didn’t understand how the labor and the market were run. So, they finally just cut their losses and pulled out. Just wanted to clarify that since I read it. :slight_smile:


That’s interesting. I never knew they had a walmart there.
Most American stores we have here are clothing stores or fastfood places.


I think they were talking about building a Costco in France but I don’t know what happened with that?


Well, they have a lot of Walmart stores outside the US. They are just not in Europe. I googled it and learned this.