Age progression?


Has anyone ever painted reborns of different sizes and taken pictures to make it look like the baby is growing? I think this would be so fun!! I was thinking I could paint Twin A, Saskia, and Liam to look like the same child. Then I would take a series of photos to show a growing child. Then, I would paint Twin B to look like a little baby sibling! I just think this would be such a fun (and long!) project to do! Has this ever been done before? Any pictures I could see? Thoughts on this? Thanks!


I’ve never done it, but it made me think of the Schick kits. From the top of my head there’s Noah, Ariella, Arianna and then a child kit that all look like the exact same child but at different ages.


That’s awesome, I’ll have to check them out!


Such a great idea!


Makes me think of the Donna Rubert quads-
Puddin Dumplin Muffin and Punkin (newborn)
Cuddles cookie kitten and (forgot last one) 9 month olds
Tibby Tessa Stinker and (forgot last one) toddlers

Not sure if it is meant that way that is just what I thought!


What a fun idea!


Following :slight_smile:


Cute idea, I’ll bet someone would love to role play an age progression reborn.


Lady Bug 9 months and Taylor toddler :smile: I have seven out of the twelve .


That’s awesome, I never noticed that before!


So I’m definitely going to do this! I’m going to use the kits from my original post, but if I end up liking it enough I’m going to do the Shick kits too, they are adorable! I’m working on my reborn CORA degree right now, so this idea will have to wait for awhile, unless I get too impatient:)