After 7 yrs. I guess it was my turn...block this person

Wow! They are coming out of the wood work. Do they realize we share their info with fellow reborners? They may miss out on alot of babies they want. UNBELIEVABLE!


Thank you for the info. Adding her to my list!

As long as ebay has the crazy rule that sellers can’t leave negative feedback, this will continue. It’s like they bid on a bunch of dolls and which ever ends first, if they win it, then they tell the others “they made a mistake.” I had a person buy 6 of Romie’s kits I had on ebay and when I sent her the invoice she tells me she “made a mistake and didn’t mean to bid.” What the heck??? How can you make a mistake that many times???

Thanks for the info. She just sent me a message through ebay about one of the dolls I have listed. I recognized her name and I now have her on my blocked sellers list.


Ah, I’m so sorry this happened to you. Seems to be happening more and more lately. Obviously because buyers now know that sellers can’t do a darn thing if they don’t pay. we can leave positive feedback or nothing at all. Just terrible! I will block this one- thanks for posting.
BOL with your auction on your Sera.