African American Twin B by Bonnie Brown


Hi everyone! After struggling with AA babies for the LONGEST, I think I finally got it, thanks to Kate Charles.

…and here I thought african american babies would be easy. Anyway, I think she turned out super cute!!

( My little brother helped with the photos)


Holy cow, she is TDF. How adorable that your little brother helped out with the shoot. :wink:


Daw thanks so much! He’s only 8 and shouted from the other room if I needed help so I let him join in :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re right. She is super cute and I love her skin tones and shading. Great job.


She is a little beauty!


She is very pretty.


Great job. AA babies are difficult to get correct skin tones without blotching.


Nice skin tones!


She is adorable! You got it spot-on!! :smile:


So cute!


Really cute and beautiful job. I love doing AA babies when it is called for, and some kits just scream AA. I’m one of those reborners that “think” the sculpt tells you what it wants to be.


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This is twin b, twin A has different limbs and her mouth is opened more


She’s beautiful, well done!


Wow she is beautiful - Wonderful job!


She’s perfect! I love her!


She is beautiful and you did a wonderful job on her shading!!


Wow, nice job.


Thank you so much everyone for the kind words <3 I had so much fun painting her


Aww!!, your little brother is so nice and kind!:blush::heart_eyes::hugs: