Advice on full torso—solved ty


I was assembling a full torso and since it was not made for the kit is there any advice on getting it to show less.



Not really. It mostly comes down to posing. I made a full bodied baby that came with the torso made for her, and it still showed cloth around her legs when I posed her in certain ways. Maybe a slightly smaller cloth body might help


In order for neck not to show I have to push down inside torso at Times bc it pops out


I thought about a smaller one but I had a really hard time connecting that one. Would a smaller one be harder to connect?


Probably :frowning:


Thank you. I’m going to let them know and see what they want to do.


If you know the name of the baby the torso is made for,that is the body I would use.I have made several and though it will sometimes show a tad when posing,it mostly stays hidden.


I deal with torsos a lot with my drink and wet babies. Here’s what works for me:

  1. Insert the cloth body into the unassembled torso and pull it to the leg and arm openings to see how much cloth body sticks out. I smooth out the body as it would be when stuffed.
  2. I make measurements as to how much leg or arm (it’s usually always the legs only) needs to be removed.
  3. I make tucks and stitches on the cloth body so that it fits inside the torso correctly. I can usually get it an almost perfect fit.


@MaryJane i used the cloth body that came with the torso when I preassembled it didn’t seem to show as much.
@pschomaker I really wish I knew how to stitch. It would probably help in this situation. I’m presently looking to see if I have a smaller full limb body in my possession as I don’t have time to order one :pensive:


@pschomaker are your full torsos hard to pose once assembled?


@dinokc If you unstuff the top of the torso a little, head would sink in and not pop-up after you push it down, I think.


I’m going to give that a try.


They don’t pose as easily as without a torso, but they move well enough.


Wow they are beautiful. Thank you. I really wish there was a way I could fix this. I have taken out some of the weighting it brought the cloth body in a little more but not by much and the neck portion still pops out depending upon pose.


This torso just wasn’t made for this body but I’ve really tried working with it. I’ve offered a discount to sell without the torso if the choose to buy without. If they want torso still and decide later they at anytime they prefer the cloth I’ve offered to either talk them through the process or do it myself and reweight it free of charge as long as they pay shipping. I hope that we can come to a resolution on this.


I was going to say that body looks too big. I have never painted a full body though. I plan on doing one this year. Hope you work it out cause that is a cute baby!


@Anne this is the one i was searching for a torso for awhile back. I had to purchase the Phoenix kit just to get a torso that would supposedly fit. It has been a rough couple of months lol. This is the first for me as well. Let’s just say it was a learning process. I think I will stick to kits that come with matching torsos from here on out. I give props to @pschomaker bc she can put together anything :heart_eyes:


You are so sweet to say that. Personally, I don’t use torsos on any of my own babies. Yours is absolutely beautiful with or without. Love the skin tone and the hair too.