Advice needed

I got some mohair I had forgotten I ordered 6 ounces I love the color. It is Hand dyed Kid mohair from crystal creek fiber, I have never worked with anything this curly. Do I root it the same or should it be thicker? Or what? I have just gotten some wavy and I so loved it.

I have a Raine I am working on and she wants curly hair so I am going to root it thicker for sure.

I would say start out a bit more sparse and see if you like it. You can always add more.

Ty I have a headache this morning but I have worked on it some. I think I love this.

What color did you get from them Deb. Is it for a baby or a fantasy critter? They have some great colors, especially if you are doing a fairy or elf…I was looking at their mohiar a few weeks ago to use on an elf I want to make. Your right it is VERY curly!!!

well pooh I thought I posted the picture. It is called gold.

Usually kid mohair is much finer and so you need a smaller gage needle to root it so that you don’t get pluggy looking hair. It is well suited for micro rooting. I use a 42g 3 barb crown needle to root it.