Advice Needed! Genesis Vs Airdry

I know this has been asked a thousand times before, but I’m looking for some advice in regards to painting. I currently use Air-dry paints (SCN paints) and I’m really struggling with dust sticking to the vinyl. I’ve tried covering it after painting, putting it in a sealed box, I’ve even tried putting a bunch of balloons over my work space! It’s a nightmare to pick it out after I’ve spotted the bits and I know a lot of other people have this problem with Air-dry. Does this ever happen with the heat set paints? I’m fairly new at reborning, but I’m thinking about switching over as I’m on my 5th kit now, and the dust is infuriating!!
Thankyou in advance for any advise you could give me

I’ve found that they generally attract less dust, yes. For me it’s never been a reason to switch back to Genesis, though. I just make sure I take all the dust off before sealing.

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IDK what I’m doing different, but I’ve used air dry since day 1 and never had a problem with dust or lint.

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I’ve been painting with air dry paints for over 10 yrs and haven’t had a problem with dust. The only problem that I have had one time was using cheaply made brushes. I first thought it was large dust particles then realized it was the tip of the bristles from the bush that was breaking off and contaminating the paint. I threw away those brushes and watch what quality brushes I use.


Do you use a hair dryer on your pieces? I dry them right away so there is less time for paint to stick to wet paint. I also use puppy pads on my surface instead of paper towels. Then I fold it over when not in use. That has helped too.

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It’s definitely dust, they’re so small it’s a nightmare to dig out and it makes the paint work look dirty. It’s so disappointing after layers and layers of paint. I haven’t tried a hair dryer but they may blow even more dust onto the kit. Do you think it could be the brand of paints? I just bought the cheapest, easiest to get hold of air dry paints seeing as I’m just starting out

Do you lay your parts down or dry them upright on some kind of rack?

I use air dry paint and do sometimes have issues with dust. I let the pieces dry and rub them off with a piece of foam. If there’s any stubborn pieces, I pluck them out with a toothpick. Some of what I thought was dust was pieces of dry brush bristles breaking off, so I watch those. Other than that, I cover my work with a sheet when I’m not working.

They dry upright on a rack. I haven’t tried rubbing it over with foam though. Maybe I’ll try a soft toothbrush or something

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Ohhh good idea. Toothbrush might work… whatever it is, if you check every layer, you will have a clean paint job.

I use air dry, and I definitely feel it can attract dust (I don’t know about genesis though), I let my layers dry and then go over them with a soft fan brush, I also do this whenever I’m just coming back to work on them. I use a needle and tweezers to remove any hairs I have left over after this.and high quality synthetic brushes tend to be my best friend. Natural brushes will shed and break more often from my experience.

Yes I check after every layer too. I have a magnifier I hang around my neck and I give the pieces a look-over before painting.

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Now that I live on a farm I found that my air dry babies attract dust. With GHS, you can wipe the dust off even after it cures. With air dry it seems to stick more. It drove me so crazy that I stripped my big Joe and almost threw him out. For a custom I’m about to start I’m using GHS - I’m not taking chances with dust, lint and tiny hairs getting stuck on him. It’s very frustrating and I haven’t been able to stop it either. However, I did find I could lessen it by setting my paints and baby on my workstation covered in parchment paper, with a little paper towel to dab my brushes on right under the paint. It wasn’t perfect but was better.

So with GHS it just wipes right off? I think I’m going to use the rest of my air-dry paints and try everyone’s tip and tricks. If they don’t work I’m going to try heat set. I was going to buy an oven anyway for my clay work. Thankyou so much everyone for your ideas and help!

I wonder if the dust problem is different for some people because of their environment? Maybe the amount of dust is related to humid or dry air and maybe carpet or no carpet?

I use Genesis so I have no experience with air dry paints and dust.

I do live in an old English house so it could well be that. Though I do sculpt with clay and dust has never been an issue there. Genesis here I come!

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Funny because I have more issues with dust getting on my dolls when I apply the Genesis varnishes than anything. Sometimes I will use it on my air dry babies and I always have to pluck specks of fuzz out before I heat set it.

I have wanted to say this many times, but I did not want to “jinx” myself as the kids say. I don’t have a problem either. I don’t believe I ever have.

I don’t use a hair dryer. Mine is dry by the time I finish the round of parts. I use paper towels, but I use the ones that do not have lint. I think they are cheap. My sister taught me years ago that some tissues are bad about lint and some aren’t. The same with paper toweling.

Are you using the craft paints from WalMart, Michaels, etc? I used those on my first doll, and still didn’t have any dust. I learned it cost me way too much to use those as I had to keep buying different colors to get what worked out. I am no artist and am not able to mix them properly. I do think she may have faded a bit in the 2 years since I made her. She stays in the house, and doesn’t go out to be faded by sun.