Advice needed from those who alter kits


I know some of you have made some amazing alterations to kits, and I’m hoping you’ll have some advice for me. I’m wanting to significantly alter a kit to make a baby dragon. I want to add spikes, and alter the ears and nose. I have sculpey as well as liquid bonding sculpey. How should I go about adding these to the kit? I’m thinking I should sculpt what I want, then use the liquid sculpey to attach to the kit, then bake? Or is there another order I should work in? I’m assuming I should add the alterations before I start painting the kit? Sorry for my complete lack of knowledge about this, but I’ve never tried to alter a kit before, so any advice is appreciated! I have a specific image in my mind that I’m going for, and I’d hate to mess up the kit!


My advice to you would be to try to contact “Izzy”, she has done some of the alterations on vinyl kits and according to her, they do NOT hold up well. I don’t know any specifics but she would be able to tell you more. I believe others have done some too with varying degrees of success or not!!


I remember someone mentioning having to use pvc glue to attach the molded parts. But can not remember who.


I dont have much advice, but I do remember someone saying they use toothpicks to attach the pieces to the vinyl then bake. I have also seen quite a few added with magnets. But I am interested in what others say, because it is something on my “reborning bucket list” lol


@MoonlitNightNursery Shannon has done alterations on kits and might be able to help.


@pschomaker has done it as well.


Mine did not work out well. The two Celeste babies worked out fine as far as opening one twin’s eyes…but the mouth alterations were a big fail. The Sculpey did not hold up well and I ended up with a return. I won’t do that again.


Thanks everyone! After reading everyone’s opinions and doing some more research, I think I’ll modify my alteration plan. I really don’t want to deal with unhappy customers! I think I’ll make minor alterations on the nose and ears with thick medium (I’ve done this before on an alien baby I made, and it held up well), and use the sculpey to make a detachable spikey “headband” sort of contraption. That way if the spikes don’t hold up, it won’t affect the doll itself. Hopefully that will work!


That sounds like a plan, good luck!


I use Lumina air dry paint to sculpt fangs, bite marks and such. It dries a nice translucent and doesn’t need to be glued to the kit. I just mold onto the kit. I use paper glaze over fangs and bite marks, etc and I suppose that helps keep the clay ‘stuck’ in position.