Advice about new sellers

So I found a cute doll on eBay I was thinking about getting, the problem is the pictures aren’t great and the seller is very new to eBay, and by the way she types I don’t know is she doesn’t know how to use the keyboard or if she speaks another language. Has any of you ever bought from a new seller and what was your experience?

I would stay away from that seller…too many warning signs.

I will contact and found out more. Any of as we have to start somewhere . There is lots of problems for sure. But what if you were new on ebay and nobody gives you the trust or credit …you have no chance to build up your reviews because you always going to be new.
Email …and ask questions… You can find out details… Like from where are you shipping just wondering in how manny days I would recieve etc, etc.


I thought the same, everyone starts somewhere, the seller is in arkansa, I messaged her for more detailed pics and all she told me was her camera was not good, the doll was beautiful and weight was 5 pounds. All her answer are very short and not always clear.

If you cannot see clear pictures and she is new to reborning, I would proceed with extreme caution. Do you have a link to the auction so we can take a look at the baby in question? Does she have a FB page with photos posted on it?

So she posted more pics, they are still not very clear, the item number is 271671442758 and I think this link might work

No. No offence, but I would give that a firm negative. OK so I have been up all night and I’m not being very tactful, but that does not look like a reborn I would be very happy with. So sorry to the person who made it, but also, just no.

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Yikes, run…then hide!! from this auction
Only buy when you can see clear pics, close up etc. I learned the hard way, even though ive been collecting and reborning for several years now I still got suckered in by not so great pics thinking maybe the baby will be ok, its not, the dang baby was green when I opened the box!! Cost me a few hundred dollars too, and this was just a few months ago. I stopped looking at other listings since. Id rather create and keep my own


It would help if you could show us the listing so maybe we could look at the photos and give you better advice. I can understand not having fantastic photos but she can at least have them in bright light or sunlight so you can see the doll. Even a bad camera can take photos that show enough to know what the doll looks like. It isn’t as if you are talking about a few dollars lost. I understand new sellers and people not having english as their first language but you are the one spending money. At least get photos in good light.

@djjessie228 - the auction link is posted above. I actually don’t think the baby is AWFUL, but the photos are enough to make me not interested unless I was planning on buying to strip and repaint if necessary. The baby’s body is dirty in one of the photos, which indicates that the seller wasn’t paying attention to detail. The seller is not the artist and she lists the baby as “used”. Does anyone know what sculpt this baby is made from. Has Kewy look to it?

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She states that it is a used doll and she hopes to get more than what she bought it for. Unfortunately reborns are like used cars, they depreciate when you drive them off the lot. Also if she is not the artist she cannot give you info as to what the doll is weighted with. There could be dirt in there for all you know,

I noticed the thumbnail too! LOL! Still a good price if anyone wants to strip and repaint is necessary!

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Looks nasty


I agree with Karen!!! LOL!!! It does look nasty. I would run~ :slight_smile: