Adjusting a ridiculous body


I got my Winter Fairy by Simon Laurens in today. The kit is lovely but the body I got with it is horrible. It looks like a body for a teddy bear or something, not a dainty little fairy.
Has anyone adjusted bodies like this before? I can sew both by hand and on machine, but am not sure where to start.
I’m thinking of making the distance between the neck and arms shorter, tucking the arms a bit, making the waist narrower… It needs loads of work.
Can anyone give me some tips?

Here’s what it looks like, to give you all a good laugh:


I have to agree with you, the body does look a bit odd. As you mentioned it’s rather like a teddy bears. Im not a sewer but I think what you are suggesting would make it look much better.


I’m sure you’ll figure out what you think it needs but you might want to start by giving the waist a few little tucks to make it a little shapelier.


If you remove the arm and leg caps by prying them off with a screwdriver you will be able to alter the body better. I have done many this way. To shorten the distance of the neck you can just raise the arms a bit. Cut a small hole a little closer to the neck and insert the arms joints there, If the old hole is covered by the disk it won’t even be necessary to sew it up. The arms can be made smaller by turning them inside out to sew an narrower seam, then cut off the excess material. You can do the same with the legs, but for those long legs, I almost would sew a narrow cuff around the leg opening to insert the cable tie and not use a leg cap. The legs are so long they look to be full without the cap.


I agree about the leg caps being unnecessary. You could even reuse the existing channels for the cable ties rather than creating a new one. Just remove the leg caps, trim the channels for the cable ties off the cap (leaving a seam allowance), and cut a circle for the legs on the body using the disk from the joints as a guide for size. Then sew the cable tie channels onto the new holes. I hope this makes sense. I did this just a few days ago to turn a 3/4 arm body into a full arm body and it worked perfectly.


I didn’t think the joints would come off. Do you just put a screwdriver in between and push it up?


That is a good idea, I’ll try that!


You can pop the joints off with a screwdriver, but it will be easier if you cut off the stick part that’s on the inside of the body first so it’s flush with the inner disc. You won’t have to pull it so far that way.


I have removed leg caps. It is a struggle to get the joints off. Then I realized that if am cutting a hole anyway…so just cut them off the body making a hole in the body that you wanted anyway.


I use a pair of pliers with the wire cutter on it to cut the stem of the joint off. It makes it so much easier to remove the joints. I would suggest to use a larger joint/disc so that the top seam of the cap is up against the body.


It’s so annoying when you pay for a body because you would not want to be making one, and then get something like that. This body is obviously made specially for this fairy and will never be used for any other reborn; so why on earth could not they make it fitting snugly? I would definitely let them know.

To fix this one you will need to do as people say, and remove the caps. If the caps are attached by the plastic joints you will have to buy new ones as they get destroyed by removing them. But I would keep the leg caps, attaching the legs directly into the body will make the fairy somewhat short legged. The joints are readily available, often sold as “teddy bear joints”, and I usually buy the size that is the same or only slightly bigger then top of the limbs.


Exactly what I was thinking. The body is pretty tiny- way too tiny for a reborn baby. But if it’s made for the fairy, why not make one that actually suits it? It’s clearly an adult fairy, but I’ve never seen an adult woman with such a body shape…
The kit is also a limited edition of 750. I’d expect better quality for a LE.
It did come for free with the kit, but still. Like you said, if I wanted to sew I would have done that.
I’ll look around for new joints. These are quite tiny, but should be able to find some online. Maybe out of China or something.


Being included in the price of the kit does not mean it is free. You still paid or it.
I made some bodies that needed very large joints and I was not able to find them in that size in plastic, so I bought these type old fashioned from this lady in UK; they come from tiny size to huge


That’s true. I’ll contact them. They probably won’t take any blame, but we’ll see.
Thanks for the link! I’ve never seen joints like that. I wonder if I could make them myself…


The body portion actually looks a bit short for how lanky the limbs are. Makes her look a bit too short in the torso to me. I think I would be tempted to just make a whole new one - might be easier than altering that one


Yes, you could make them. All you need the type of saw that cuts out circles and some metal washers and screws. But, when I needed the large ones it cost me 8.58 GBP for a whole packet of them (10?) including postage to Australia. hardly worthwhile messing around with. I would assume the little ones would be much cheaper.

I would let Simon know without expecting any compensation, just hoping he may have a little chat with his body makers and in the future they will make better bodies.
i got to the point that I only buy kits from people who have bodies made really well; like Gudrun Legler; her kits come with beautiful perfectly fitting bodies when purchased directly from her. Sadly, some of her suppliers advertise them as having “custom made bodies for each kit” and they are nothing of the sort. I got one with the arm cap hole twice as big as the top of the arms. I sent it back, made my own body, and will never buy from that supplier again.
This is how I make my bodies, when I have to :slight_smile:
Notice that I place the joint more over the seam on the top of the cap; especially on the limbs


@CamsGigi I’m tempted too, but I’ve never made my own bodies. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

@ludmila I hate that type of body. Those giant arm or leg caps. I always wonder why they chose to make them so big.
That body you made looks really good! Those caps are perfect!


I try not make bodies; it is boring. :slight_smile: But when I do, I measure the top of the limbs and make it fit. It really is not a rocket science.

I just found photos of the kit that came from local dealer with “specially made body”. I also got another of the same kit directly from Gudrun Legler with right size; here is the comparison, and the legs just did not fit at all into the “specially made”.