Adding to a RebornFX baby

I have a repair/enhance question and @anjsmiles - maybe you can help me with this. I had a lady send me a picture of Loulou because when she received her she felt she was too pale, had no undertones and lacked lip detail. Essentially, she looks more “doll-like” than “baby-like.” She has asked me “fix” her by sprucing up her colors. She said that the artist won’t touch her because she thinks she is painted perfectly; and has a no return policy. She was painted with RebornFX and sealed with RebornFX sealers but is very shiny. My question is, do I have to lightly sand off the sealer to paint over it (if I agree to take on this fix?) or can I paint directly over the sealer? This person is looking for a little more mottling (maybe) but mostly some cheek color, eyelid color and a darker, more defined, lip color. I have tons of RebornFX paints; so that isn’t a problem. I wish I could strip her and start over but the doll is rooted and the person wants to keep costs down.

Here is a picture of her but don’t want to offend the artist (if you’re on here) because she is nicely painted - just not enough detail work for the buyer. But maybe they can warn me if this woman is hard to work with.

If anyone has done RebornFX repairs/enhancements without stripping completely can you give me your advice? Thanks!


You can paint over the RebornFX paints with Genesis paints if that is what you use or other air dry paints. If she used a removable varnish, it would be best to remove that first before heat setting but I know some have used Genesis right over air dry varnish with no problems. It is possible to paint over varnished paint with air dry paints and then revarnish them when done if you paint with air dry paints and prefer to do that.


I suppose I’m not sure how to remove the varnish without the paint. I always stripped right down. She likes paint job - it’s not poorly done just underdone . The artist said she is all painted and sealed with RebornFX paints and mediums. I can don’t use the RebornFX mediums; just the pain colors so I’m u familiar with how they react with more paint overtop.

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RebornFX Varnish is removable with Ammonia and won’t strip the paint if she used Sealer first.
You should also read at the end of this thread they found a varnish remover that removed the permanent varnish and did not strip the paint.


Since you’re only adding blushing and details, I’d just paint over it and re-varnish.


I’d just paint over it with air dry paints and add another layer of varnish afterwards. I’ve painted over sealed reborns myself and it’s pretty easy.