Adding Hair after gluing

Can you add hair after you have glued it in? I am not sure if I want to add more or not so I was wondering if I go ahead and glue it and I decide to add more after the glue is dry could I do that or not??? This is only my second rooting.

I think you should add more before you glue the hair. It will be more difficult to root through the glue.

Depends on what type glue you use…and…you MUST make sure it is thoroughly dry before rooting.

I have had sculpts that were horrible to hold the hair…almost falling out as fast as I could poke it in!!!

I would root a little patch and glue with Modge Podge…set in front of a small fan and when dry…do another
little patch!!!


As long as you can poke the needle through, you can root into the glue, but it needs to be dry. However filling in is difficult, you have to be very careful you don’t catch the hair already inserted, they will break off and leave little stubble.

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Thank You everyone who gave me advice. I decided to just leave him the way he is and not go into glue then more hair, I would probably bite off more than I could chew. I will just get my glue going so I can finally get this little guy together. Again Thanks.

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