Add your kits for sale

I know there are some posts where you can share babies for sale, but I wanted to also make one for kits that people were selling! So if you have any kits for sale post them below! Also if you are looking for a certain kit feel free to ask!


Yes please!!!

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Great idea!

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I can see this being really helpful!

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Just kits or can I add my Heat seat paint. That is all I have. I do have a Skya without certificate.

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Yeah that’s fine

I have three 1oz jars
They are:

Quinacdone Meg 08
Dioxazine Purple 08
Dioxazine Purple 02

The rest are all the smaller bountiful baby jars:

Yellow ochre
Flesh 06
Pyrole red 02
Flesh 03
Raw sienna
Titanium white
Mars black
Quinacridon Crimson 01
Flesh 08
Thick medium
Earth mint
Flesh 02
Burnt umber
Pyrrole red 08
Glazing gel
Ultramarine blue
Dioxazine purple 04
PHthalo blue 07
Phthalo green 06
Satin varnish
Flesh 07
Matte varnish
Thinning med
Flesh 04

I am asking $180 including shipping in the US for all 30 jars. Or $4 a jar plus shipping.

Sleeping Skya or awake?

Oh asleep. sorry.

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And how much is your Skya asleep cost?

I am asking $40 free shipping in the US

I’m interested in Skya if they pass! Paypal ready.

You can take her @maile

No I don’t.

ok, I think Ill pass! but thank you

ISO Corvin,kami Rose, pose, and Amelia by jk

Are you still interested? I could set up payment today.

Thank you for your interest.

I’m interested in Skya