When is little Adalyn going to come on sale??? I love her little face and I’m trying to wait on a sale because she is as much as a Realborn baby. I guess it’s because she is a limited edition.


Yes I do not think she will go on sale, I think she will be that price until she sells out. I think the edition was 650? Or 750?


Dean eventually went on sale. But he wasn’t nearly as cute and stayed in stock forever. I want Adalyn too. I’ll tell you when she will go on sale…it will be about 5 minutes after I finally break down and buy her at full price. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:


Lolol, I’ve been waiting on Jaycee and maybe brooklyn. Someone tag me if it happens lol.


I think we are past due for a Realborn sale. There are a lot of the newer ones I want but don’t need so unless there is a large sale where I can get most or all of them I will just keep waiting lol. Jade, Jaycee, Brooklyn, Aria, June just to name a few of the ones I want :wink:


Oh my. I never thought of her not going on sale. That makes me sad. I’m a sale oriented person. lol


That would be my luck too!! :laughing:


I got Dean when he went on sale…I think his sculpt is cute.


That’s when I got him too. :slight_smile:


I’ll watch for you. Tag me if you see Adalyn on sale also. :blush:


I sure will! I need to start checking. Been on a kit diet lol.


Brooklyn is on sale!!!


Brooklyn is on sale!!


I wanted Dean (my Dads name) but I didnt know he was an LE so I waited…I made sure to get Adalyn. I preordered her from Dollgarden and she is supposed to be in stock any day now. Because I live in France I am buying my BB kits from them now because if I buy one on sale from BB I get charged 30 for shipping and then around 39 or more in taxes because they base the taxes on what the kit is worth and BB lists them on the box at full price because it is the worth of the doll. Its actually cheaper to buy them at Dollsgarden with a body, they charge between 60 and 70, or more, depending on the kit…I ended up paying 140 euro and that included shipping, for 3 month Joseph because I got him with a body and his belly plate.
Anyway…Im excited about Adalyn…she is really cute!


Jaycee is on sale!!


Jaycee is on sale!!


Got her! Good catch! Thanks


UGH!! I had been waiting and missed it because we were away. :disappointed_relieved:
But I’m not going to miss June awake, when she goes on sale!! :heart_eyes:


Jaycee is still on sale if that’s the one you were wanting.


She’s very cute, but I missed out on Brooklyn…was hoping to catch her on sale. We were at Disney with family and it was insanely busy. I didn’t even have the desire to check bb or this forum LOL. But for family it’s worth it. :heart_eyes: