ACK! Post man delivered a damaged box :(

I just got my delivery of my latest Bountiful Baby order and there is a huge gaping hole in the box. What do I do? Is the shipment insured? This is a big and heavy box, imagine $350 worth of $20-30 kits. I’m so tempted to rip it open to see the damage. Help!

call the post office or take it to them and let them see it! let them see you open it!
Here’s the page about damaged packages. If it had insurance you have no problem. Open the box and look. If everything is fine YAY!!!.. My husband gets motorcycle parts shipped to him all the time and heavy boxes get damaged. Most of the time the holes don’t matter. IF something is missing you need to know before you file a claim. you can download the form off of this page. I honestly don’t know if our boxes from BB are insured. I’ve never gotten that big of a box. Hope it’s all good!!

The rain if it had rained could have caused it everything is probably okay a bet stick a flashlight to peek in

I was very worried, this hole was big enough for a newborn kit or two to slip out. I called BB and they said I could open it and they would replace anything missing or damaged no questions asked.
Me happy. All was there; I think, lol.

Same thing happened with a priority package I mailed a while ago. We had to send out the search party to find it! It finally arrived, but way past the deadline and the online search kept showing it still in Las Vegas for about a week, or so it seemed.

I have have dolls that I have sold and mailed our priority and parcel post misdirected and sent to the wrong place even with the right zip code!! It shows you the people that they have hired to work for them and how uneducated some people are that they graduated without knowing how to read.

How were your kits? I hope all was ok.

Glad it all worked out OK…

My first box from bb they delivered about five doors down i watched them do it and it was clearly marked with the correct address.