Acetone, eye sockets and chalking


Could someone please tell me what half round eyes mean? Is it the shape of the eye socket?
Next question is about the white chalking. What can I do to get rid of it?
Also, can acetone give you a clean slate and let you start over? Where can I get it?
Thank you for your help.


Any round eyes that do not say full round can be used for half round eyes I think…Also to stop chalkiness if you use odorless thinner let your paint dry completely between layers and then wipe with a clean dry mop brush in the creases and also you can wipe down the whole piece with a dry cosmetic sponge and it will remove the chalkiness without removing the color. You can strip paint with acetone and you can get it most anywhere. Look with nail polish remover…they even have it in my grocery store! Make sure it is pure acetone though! Good luck!


The plastic full round eyes are usually in two pieces and the back can be pulled off to make half round eyes. Just grasp the little extension on the back, hold the front with your fingers and twist and pull. I use my clamps or needle nose pliers but don’t press too hard, the plastic may crack. Bountiful Babies plastic eyes are made the same way but they sell them with the back already off. Full round glass eyes are one piece but you can still use them; make an x in the back of the eye socket with your exacto knife, insert the eye with the end sticking out and glue the flaps to the eye from the inside. I don’t know if I explained very well but this was confusing to me when I started. I know there are tutorials on inserting eyes. Search here on BB or search YouTube or google it.