Accidentally burnt babies head!


Hi everyone, I was baking my first reborn and it appears I’ve accidentally burnt the head. At first it was a shiny yellow patch right on the top, I figured it had accidentally touched the side of the oven as it had fallen over and I had picked it up mid bake. I didn’t notice it until I was putting it back in for the next bake. I didn’t think it would get any worse but after the next bake it is a big brown patch. I’m not done painting, I still need to do more creases on the face but I’m scared to put it back in. Is there any way to prevent it getting worse or can someone tell me how to fix if possible? Also please ignore the misshapen head, I have already worked out how to fix that one when I’m finished painting lol.

Edit: I am using an oven thermometer and am watching it vigilantly which is why I am so confused. Is it possible to use something like a tea towel to cover the top of the head while baking so I can continue to work on the face?


Make 100% sure you’ve got the right temperature and time. Use an oven thermometer to get it accurate.
As for the head, it’s hard to save that. I’d keep it as a test piece and buy an new kit for your first reborn.


Thanks for your reply! I am using an oven thermometer and am watching it vigilantly which is why I am so confused. I will actually edit my original post to put that in. I thought if it was going to burn it would have happened on the first bake and not the 5th or later haha. I’m not planning on selling it or anything so I think I will still finish painting and root it for practise as no one else will see it, it doesn’t matter if it looks bad. I was just hoping there might be a way to cover it up or perhaps someone could let me know if they think I could continue to work on the face while covering the top of the head for the bake or something like that. I’m not sure if there is something I could use to cover the top of the head without it sticking when the vinyl gets warm.


Did you use an Extender ring?


Yes I did. I’ve been using it since the beginning. I haven’t changed a single thing since I worked out how I needed it to be but it burnt on probably the 5th bake which is so weird to me. The limbs are all fine though.


I would use two extender rings, that should help.


Lightly stuff the inside of the head with polyfil and lay it on its side to bake the next time. It sounds like it’s getting too much direct heat in that one spot. Could just have very thin vinyl in that specific area too.


You could try gently sanding that spot with superfine grit sandpaper and repainting it. It might not work if it’s too deep but it’s worth a try. It could just be the picture, but it looks like it started to melt, too. What kind of oven thermometer are you using?


Is it a big head ? if its too close to the top of nuwave oven it will do that … I learned the hard way.


Thanks I wasn’t sure if I was able to lay it on it’s side of if that would cause it to bake unevenly on one side or possibly cause the head to become misshapen. I definitely think it was getting too much heat, I just wish I had of noticed earlier.


It was just a standard oven thermometer I bought from a kitchen shop, I’m unsure of the brand but it has a needle to indicate temperature, it isn’t electric. Yeah I think it may have started to melt. I have had to use my normal kitchen oven today because I broke my counter-top one and the spot didn’t get any worse so I’m definitely thinking it was getting too much heat earlier. Thanks for the suggestion of sanding it back! It’s good to know it’s an option for if this ever happens again. I would love to try it now but since I’m still so new at this I worry I would just make it worse.


I think it’s just a standard size. It’s a Meg kit. But yeah probably too close to the top of the oven unfortunately. Sorry it happened to you too.