Abrasive armory glass beads


@jlesser I’m not sure haven’t used them yet maybe someone that has will let ya know.


Thank you for sharing!


They have 20-30 grit which is the same size as BB. 15 lbs for $22.95 + shipping. They have larger packages as well. I just can’t lift 40 pounds.


Here is the Bountiful Baby size ones

and the larger one @Carce428 bought

(Like Jean said there are different amounts you can buy from there, if you need more than 15 lbs or whatever just look at their other listings…)


I buy from them Abrasive Armory all the time and have for years, good pricing and prompt service.


Seriously. I barely left the site when they had shipped my order.


I always buy the 20-30 from them, they are the best value I have found. They ship really fast also and 40lbs last me a while.


Hey @DollyPardon I just wanted to ask if you know what size steel shot you purchased and are they a good size to work with?


This is it, @Carce428.



Does the steel shot rust??


Probably if exposed to moisture. I have mine sealed up really well.


Thank you this is a much better size than what I have been buying. I ordered 10 lbs to check it out and bam it was ordered one day shipped out and arrived the next day, they don’t waste any time shipping. Anyway thank you for the info. :smiley_cat:


I’m going to try 15 lbs…I have allot of kits to get finished. The price is wonderful! The more you buy the better the price…wish I could order 40lbs. :grinning:


Sheila, How did you like the glass beads?


I thought these were great. I have been buying from them for years now but I wanted to try the larger size. I like the largers size for the bodies definitely. The smaller size sieves through the nylon so it has to be doubled. The smaller size is great for the limbs,I bought 10 lbs of the larger and will buy more when I need it and the smaller for limbs.


I bought 25 lbs. They will be delivered on tues. I’m so excited to get them as I have a reborn that is almost finished :slight_smile:


I just bought 80 pounds from them and they arrived already. Super fast. They came sooner than projected. Great company.


I love Abrasive Armory. They are the ones I buy from.


My order was set to deliver on Tues, which I was fine with :slight_smile: Now, I look and it’s coming tomorrow…little Kate will be ready lol. I just need her done…not my favorite…It’s me though…I’m So new :slight_smile: The mail has been Very fast!! This company is completely across the country and I’m impressed already :slight_smile: