Abrasive armory glass beads


Just got my 40lb bag of abrasive armory glass beads I got the 12-14 grit and they are perfect size. I decided to invest in better weighting since the ones a had previously bought from harbor freight were like sand so I’ll just use that for the limbs and the abrasive armory glass beads for the body. I was making little bean bag like pouches but since people are opening up their dolls and pulling out stuffing I decided to get the good stuff cause I saw how people dragged some reborners name threw the dirt for the way she stuffed and weighted her baby’s. Let me tell ya some of these ladies act like a bunch of children with all the name calling. I was always taught if ya ain’t got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. Any ways these are perfect and totally worth the price.


Where did you get them from and how much are they?


Are the Ballotini brand beads?


I got them from abrasive armory on eBay and I believe I paid about 60 and some change for the 40lbs they have other options of 10 and 25lb bags as well


Oh ok, thank you for sharing!


Yes, I use those too! Just go to Ebay and search for 12-grit glass bead media and it’ll come up. Abrasive Armory. They are FAST SHIPPERS! I always get mine in two days.


@lambkinsreborn Yes I was surprised at how fast they got here. They are going to be my go to for glass beads now.


I’ve used this brand.


LOL. I know what you mean about tearing open a doll to see what’s inside. I don’t get it. And you are also right about the vicious criticism I’ve seen. Other places…not here.


I have been using them for a few years now. they are my favorite suppliers of glass beads


These are my go to as well. Abrasive armory is great. I got the info from fellow forum members and began ordering from them last year.


I just got a 40lb box from abrasive armory, plus a 40 or 50lb box of steel shot… boy was that heavy. Lol

Good to know, @ECNRebornBabies. The bucket seems like a nice way to store it. They are big like BB’s glass beads, right?


Mine came is a large bag. If these are the same size they are really nice, smooth feeling beads. I want to order in the bucket next time.


@pschomaker yes its mostly on Facebook selling groups not on here.


@DollyPardon where do you buy your steel shot from?


@ECNRebornBabies i also love how smooth they feel. I’m making my husband stop by home depot tomorrow after work to pick me up a few buckets with the lids cause mine came in a bag as well.


I got it from abrasive armory, @Carce428


@DollyPardon oh sweet I’ll have to go buy me some


I like them. Lots of weight with less volume. Baby feels much nicer.


That size is bigger than BB’s beads… do they crunch in the limbs?