About the complete starter kit

I bought one on Feb 20th. I got it yesterday. Thank you.
I was wondering, was it supposed to come with the rooting needles?
I got the hand tool, but no needles.

Thank you

Paula Hogan

PS. If it was supposed to come with them, just so you kniw, I made a new order last night, so if caught in time, to save shipping $, they can be put in the new order shipping box?

I ordered mine Oct 2014 and it included needles. They came in a plain prescription bottle with lid. I don’t see the complete kits online anymore, so I can’t see a list of what is included currently. That seems a little strange.

I send them an email. Thanks

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My first kit came with needles as well.

Where did the BB starter kits go??? Maybe they’re reworking the contents?

I have no idea. I looked for it before posting here and emailing them to try and read what it comes with. I don’t think I’m missing anything else but I can’t check and the invoice doesn’t list each item, just that it’s a complete set, plus the extras I bought, but those are all listed…

You are an Angel! Thank you! I remembered seeing the plain prescription bottle, in a bag with gem tac glue. But I thought the needles were like 3-4 inches long. They look so big online. The bottle looked empty. So I opened it and they were stuck in the lid. LOL . During shipping, they must have moved into the lid. They came out easy.

So sorry BB. I’m good now.:blush:

Thanks again.

BTW, my email to BB bounced back…

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So glad you found the needles. :smiley: