About heat guns

can a hobby heat gun be used for genesis or are they way too hot? im used to the old fashion paint and bake layer by layer for my reborns and id like to get a gun. any suggestions?

Hi, I am only replying because no one smarter did!! I have read that a hobby gun and a heat gun are the same. As long as what you are calling a hobby gun is not for embossing tool. My gun is my DH’s Black & Decker heat gun. I have also read, that it is best to use a heat fun just for drying lips and nails and/or touch-ups. It is not recommended to dry Genesis paint on the whole doll. Hope this helps you!


I use an embossing heat gun ($20) that I bought from the local Hobby Lobby store and it has served me well. However, I must warn you that embossing guns can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees so you must exercise caution to avoid burning yourself and overheating your doll (otherwise you’ll end up with shiny baby syndrome and/or a sore finger! ). I have found that I must constantly sweep the heating tool from side to side over the vinyl to avoid overheating it. Also, I never allow it to hover over any one area for more than five seconds once it’s reached the max temperature. And be extra careful in curing the hands and feet as they do not require as much curing time as other parts.
I’ll usually run it over all of the individual parts twice in the fashion mentioned. After the first run you’ll see the vinyl start to dry if you have not allowed it to air dry already. By the second a more translucent texture starts to form over the vinyl. I’ve tested the vinyl at this point with alcohol and liquid thinning medium and no paint dissolved whatsoever, but sometimes I heat it once or twice more just to be sure! It takes a few (1or2) attempts to get the technique down but once you start using it you’ll not want to go back to baking in the oven…

Hope this helps,