what do i do!?
what do i do!?


ok, i originally had a custom order to reborn the toddler arianna. when i was almost finished with her the woman said she could not go through with the custom. now she just emailed me and said she became completely attached to her and wants me to take her off ebay and send her to her. she said she would pay a little extra for my trouble, but i have no idea what to do at this point!!!

first it was yes she wants her, then no, then now yes again! what do i do!!???

Oh No…I am not too sure…how much was she going to pay for the custom originally, if I may ask…I think she will do VERY well for you on ebay…JMO…
Maybe put your reserve at $100 MORE than the custom price, and if she does not sell, offer her to the original woman. That way you can try to make a few dollars more for all your trouble, and if the woman wants her that bad, she will bid, I am sure…

I really don’t want to look bad on ebay by taking the auction off b/c I do have bids and that is not fair. The woman already paid almost $500 for the custom. I doubt she would pay a whole lot more for her =/ …!!! AHH I don’t know… I don’t have a clue what to say to the lady.
At this point I just really want to keep her on ebay b/c I worked so hard to get all of those pictures of her and changed her clothes 28757234 times and styled her hair 1 million times too!
How would I keep her on ebay but not make this woman mad…?

I have an idea of what happened. All those cute pictures on Ebay persuaded her that she really wanted Maddie. I saw the one picture on here and I thought she was cute but I didn’t think about bidding for her. When I looked at the auction I was smitten and now I’m deciding about whether to raise my bid. (I tied at the $250)

Someone could be very disappointed if you removed the auction (provided it is possible). Since you only have a score of 16 you need to protect your reputation - so it needs to go to completion. If you get more that you would have on your custom then that is for your extra work and STRESS.

I hope the $500 paid for the custom is nonrefundable. Was more due and now she is trying to get her for less money than the deal she made with you originally. That doesn’t seem fair for you.

I hope she goes to $1000!

P.S. - If you can raise your reserve - do it. I know you said it was $399, but I think it is fair to raise it. Opps I just looked and you posted the question and answer about the reserve so that changes things.

thanks everyone.
well, i’ll probably just have to tell her she has to bid. my reserve is not even met yet though. i have 47 watchers as of now but who knows what will happen.
i didnt mean to screw it up by posting the reserve but looks like i might have, i really don’t know.

Stick to your guns. If she really wants her she can bid and try and win her. Don’t worry about posting your reserve, I’m sure there will be a bidding war for her at the end. You’ve done a great job on her.


I just did a little research and it is never possible to raise the reserve. That is a handy bit of information to know before I list any of my items.

I agree with Shuree that there will be a bidding war and I just realized we have to wait a whole week. I may have to change my travel plans!

lol well thanks everyone. y’all sure made me feel better today. =]

I just saw your auction and I must say that she is one of the best Arianna’s I have seen. You did a beautiful job on her and I hope she sells for lots for you. As for the other lady… too bad for her, she should not have backed out.

She snoozed… she loozed. Let her bid like everyone else.

I saw this baby in person at the Doll Show Saturday in Memphis. This baby is just beautiful she is worth much much more than you have your reserve set and who ever gets this baby will be very please. As we talked about at the show I would tell the lady that custom orders are nonrefundable you have spent your time and money. I am sure you could have sold her at the show because of the way everyone was looking at her. You did a wounderful job. BOL with auction

Thanks ladies!

I met Kathy at the doll show in Memphis. She has some awesome babies and is a really nice person to talk to! =]

As for the Arianna, I am going to keep her on ebay and offer to make the woman another Arianna if she pays for the kit + supplies and time. I would be happy to do that.

That baby is gorgeous. I’m sure she’ll go high at the end! Let the lady bid like everyone else!

I just had a look and she is over the Reserve Price and at $405 with 6 days to go!

i’m so excited!

I’ve never in my life had 56 watchers…

56 Wow! Forget Nervous, Excited is so Right. I’m really happy for you and Maddie.

Thank you!! The watchers keep going up and up. I’m at 59 now! YaY!!

— Begin quote from “noniesgirl”

She snoozed… she loozed. Let her bid like everyone else.

— End quote

Well said! Tough, she can slug it out with the other bidders.

I’m a little slow here, but I noticed your Arianna went to $530 - have you been paid yet - I hope so. I just want to hear the end of the story.