AA skin tones


I am trying to get this skin tone for an AA baby. Is there anyone who can help me with he flesh colors ?


@Johnna. I’d love to find out how to achieve those tones as well.


Well I have got pretty close. I just started mixing colors and so far so good. I started out with flesh 04 lots of thin coats I did at least 8 but depends on the color vnyil u are working with. Then I used flesh 04 with burnt umber a tad of Crimson lots of thin coats. Then I used blue yellow Crimson mixed to a blackish charcoal color. Lots of thin coats. I have tried to keep the darker coats off the hands and feet and nails and creases as much as I can. I’m still working on this but the pic is what the color looks like so far. I’ll post most pic when I do the creases and hand and feet. Hope this helps u.



Another pic


@Johnna That looks amazing I love the skin tone color you have achieved this is mine and I’m still working on it.


Yours is looking good as well. Is that londyn?


Thank you, Yes this is Londyn, I use air dry paints and mix my own colors so I will have to try to mix colors to represent GHSP colors to get a good AA skin tone.


I also just finished londyn today :slight_smile: I have not got her put together yet I’m waiting for magnets to dry inside.


Cool :slight_smile: Did you make her a AA skin tone as well?


No she a little blonde but she is one of my best skin tones I’ve ever done. Ill post a pic of her once I get her put together.


Nice work ladies , for someone new to reborning would you recommend the biracial kits ?


@anniewalker The biracial kits are nice because they get you closer to the Biracial, Ethnic, AA skin tones when painting them much faster. They save you time because the kit is already tinted some which is nice.


How many coats