AA or biracial babies


I have never made an AA or biracial or really any ethnic baby of any kind.

I am thinking of trying my hand for the first time but am nervous to try…

I would like some tips, free tutorials, etc

How is veining/mottling different?

What skin tone do you use?
Do you buy a flesh 03 type or make your own?

What about blushing?

With Caucasian babies the eyes around the nose and mouth are pale and blueish… What about ethnic babies?

Yellowish skin undertone?

How many layers?

Build up of thick paint?


I’ve done about 6 ethnic babies, 4 of them were from the biracial kit. I’ve done 1 pink kit with Kate Charles tutorial n the other was a tutorial by @snuggle2me. The veining is done the same. Blushing, mottling n yellow undertones depends on the skin tone you going for. It does take many more layers to achieve aa skin tones. I’ve always used tutorials for aa babies. I have 2 tutorials I have yet to try for aa babies. Good luck!!


There are some good tuto on youtube.


I am still new to Reborning but I wanted to paint AA/Biracial babies. I did the primary wash method painting yellow,red,blue and baking in between( this I did after a Base coat). Paint colours in any order.
I got impatient after 3 or 4 layers of the primary colours amd baking in between so I mixed all three to make brown. The only disadvantage is the mixture might have a lot of yellow or red. But with the right wash to tone down the baby comes right.
If you have the patience you can do the three washes till you get the tone you want.

Yes mottling and veining is the same. The rest I’m still asking what from here. I feel I must just buy burnt umber.


According to Kim from custom doll baby, (if I understand correctly) you do the veining and mottling like normal, then 7-9 layers of flesh color (whatever ethnic skin color you are going for- avoid palms and soles) then blush like regular (except with a darker blush, she uses like a dark violety red with flesh color added)

Some thoughts: won’t 9 layers of flesh totally drown out your mottling? Wouldn’t like, 5 layers of flesh, then mottle and vein, then 3 more layers of flesh be better?

How many flesh layers do you use? Is it hard to get an even tone?


This might get you started.

Also check Custom Doll Baby for tutorials. I learned a lot from her!

I am not saying this is the best way, but it is my way! Lots of love!


Everyone has their own way of getting the colors they love, but I never use just one skin color. If you use different shades and pounce them well with a plucked sponge you will get more depth and more realism. Also use Gamsol instead of thinner to mix your paints to keep them smooth and less streaky.
The best way to learn the differences in skin tones and shading with ethnic babies is to study photos of real babies. The internet has lots available and there are babies everywhere you go. Don’t be afraid to really look at infants when you are out in public. Most people love to show off their little ones and you can tell them why you are studying them or not.
You need to do some research even if you use tutorials. Tutorials can help you make reborns that look like ethnic babies look to the person who made the tutorial. They are a good starting point, but you need to paint what you see as well.


What is gamsol and where do I get it?


If you going for a darker skin tone, then you wouldn’t do mottling or veining. Well at least I didn’t. Like her for example, I didn’t do veins or mottling.


It’s another type of thinner you can use instead of Mona Lisa. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have it.