AA Kimber (Shyann arms)


I used a pair of Shyann arms that I had laying around because one of the Kimber hands are defective. I noticed it when I was going to reborn my Blaze kit (they share the same limbs). I told BB and they are aware. Anyways, I painted her to sell her at a discounted price for anyone who canโ€™t afford an expensive one and she came out cuter then I expected. What do you think?. :smile::smile:


Iโ€™m not very fond of Kimber, but yours looks cute. Lovely skin tone!


Thanks. I never found the kit interesting. Since it went down to $10 last week, I decided to order her lol




Very nice skin tone.


Thanks everyone!


Gorgeous. She even looks cute as a baldie. Beautiful work. Great skin tones