AA baby boy combo hair IncredaBabies*


Just sharing this kit, I love the newborn features Cindy achieves… I opted for no torso as I’m not too big on them due to stiff feeling and posability.
Hope you like him …


Wow, he’s beautiful! The skin tones are very pretty and I can’t even tell that it’s combi hair. Wondering where the rooted part begins, haha.


He is beautiful, wonderful, so adorable.




Thank you friends :heart:
The first about 1/3 to 1/4 skull is painted then I overlap the rooting so it blends.


You did an awesome job.


That is probably the cutest Maggie I have ever seen. The hair…gorgeous.


Love, love, love. :heart_eyes:


he is just dreamy <3


He is so precious!!!


He is amazing.


I think that’s my favorite version of this kit. Great job!


Oh wow THANK you friends for your lovely comments on him. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


I have never liked this kit and I mean never! But this baby boy has changed my mind! There is just something about your dolls…they are simply amazing!! Are you doing protos? You definitely need to be. If they used these photos I would definitely buy the kit. He is beyond beautiful.


He is precious, Great reborning.


I also don’t care for this kit. You have done a wonderful job because he is beautiful. Your version is making me look at him and wonder…hmmmmmm


He is really lovely, love his coloring!!


@Countrycradlereborns thank you that is such a compliment, :blue_heart: years ago I did some prototypes but I quit reborning for a while and started again full time last year, I have however never done any prototypes for bountiful baby. :blue_heart:


Thank you everyone im really glad you like my version. I spent alot of hours designing and painting him. :purple_heart:


He is so sweet. I love the tones as well. I never liked this kit but your baby just stole my heart.