A tiny stash clean out- ALL GONE! Thank you!


I have a mild hoarding problem… these are the kits I could live without. Especially since I have a tendency just to do alternatives! I may be interested in trading for other kits or possibly a completed doll(multiple kits would be offered).

Sabrina Rose- Ping Lau. As lovely as she is, I just don’t have the stamina to tackle the half torso.:star:️SOLD​:star:️
Lilah- Shelia Michaels⭐️SOLD⭐️
Realborn Leif with belly plate.:star:️SOLD​:star:️
LE Wee Patience- LLE⭐️SOLD⭐️
Gracie- Mary Katherine Skay⭐️SOLD⭐️
Libby-Cindy Musgrove⭐️SOLD⭐️
Flora, Florentine, & Floran- Gudrun Legler(Not feeling the minis). :star:️SOLD​:star:️
BB Bean with female belly plate. :star:️SOLD​:star:️


Oh, they also all come with bodies! :slight_smile:


I just finished a mini baby and officially LOVE mini babies! I’m interested in the triplets, I’ll send you a pm:)


Sounds good!


Do you have a picture of grace. I can not find an image.



Is the Sabrina Rose the option with full arms and the legs and lower torso in one piece? Would you be prepared to post to UK?


How much are you asking for Wee Patience?


She is yes. You’d have to pay postage, which would be ridiculously high…


Ok thank you for letting me know.


Just 3 left! Also the 3 Legler minis may still be available… haven’t heard from the interested party since last night.


How much for wee patient?


Definitely still interested, so sorry I didn’t communicate well with what time I would send safety pictures today! :slight_smile:


If the other two ladies pass in wee patience, I may be interested


I’m sorry, but Wee Patience is now sold.


How much for Leif? I really don’t need the tummy plate. Just the kit would be good


Is Sabrina rose still available? If so how much?