A Sudden Increase in Population (with fatals)


It’s here! Father’s Day week, and time for the NH Motor Speedway motorcycles races! People from all over the world to race, and to watch; we’re expecting 250,000 people and millions of $$$$ to be spent! People in extravagant motorhomes, acres and acres of them camped out. It’s quite a spectacle to watch the thousands of bikers come in from all over to be part of the event. NH has no helmet law, and unfortunately, there are always a few fatalities.

Cars drive through the main drag of the camping area bumper-to-bumper to see the spectacle, and some people are the spectacle! Imagine the roar of thousands of Harleys and bikers of all sorts in our Granite State. State Motto: Live Free or Die…yes, it’s on our license plates. I haven’t been for a while, but it’s going to be a nice weekend, and I want to go. Sometimes, though, you feel like you should keep your car doors locked! And lots of bikers DO NOT want their pictures taken! it’s quite a show, and we do it every year! Wish you were here!

Saturday: Here’s the bad news already, with 1 more day to go: 4 fatals, all in different parts of the state. The roads are swarming with bikers. Everyone, please watch for motorcycles and give them as much room as you a vehicle.


WOW! Have a great time! “LIVE FREE OR DIE” love it Sounds like something I’d have on a poster in my room back in the 70’s.


Just sad that the “Live free or die” includes the right not to wear a helmet and they actually die Sort of like the neighbor’s boyfriend who won’t wear a seatbelt in my van. I let him get away with it yesterday but I think I just won’t let him ride with me anymore. It’s always been my rule that if you are in my vehicle, you wear your seatbelt. I let them talk me out of it but just don’t feel comfortable.

As for the event, it sounds like fun! I didn’t get to go to Harborfest this year (our area’s biggest event). They have ships from all over the world come. Most of them are sailing ships. They act out fake battles in the bay. It ends with a big fireworks display which I’ve not gotten to see yet. They have a paddlewheel passenger ferry boat that operates year round for commuters that we ride plus this year they have the new light rail system working so people were excited about that. We went last year but this year I had migraines so no fun . My husband hates to go fight the crowds so it is usually me and the neighbors’ “kids” who are now adults! My one neighbor went last year but ended up at the first aid tent with heat exhaustion so we left after that. Hoping for next year.

Hope you get to go! Have fun!


The ships sound like fun…take you back in time.
You’re right about the helmet law–I think as soon as they cross the state border, they pop off the helmets. But there are a fair number who use them too. I’ve done both, and the thrill of the ride mixed with the danger can give you an adrenaline high.
Karen, you’re such a rebel! Next time I get an available license plate, I’ll mail it to you so you can relive the past! LOL!


We have a new law here in Michigan. I am not sure if it is in effect yet or not though. But the law is that a biker doesn’t have to wear a helmet but then he has to sign a waiver that if he is in an accident his insurance company is not liable for his injuries, at all. It is a public problem because auto/car/truck/motorcycle insurance is MANDATORY here in this state and Michigan has NO FAULT insurance. So, if you spill enough of your brains on the cement that they can get you to keep a heart rate then then the insurance company with the assistance of State Government (myself and other citizens who do wear helmets) have to continue to pay bocoo amount of dollars for years and years to keep this person aiive. So he could “LIVE FREE”! That’s great! I, and about several million other Michigan citizens don’t want to pay for that person’s care. Thus this new law.
You know I think that since this has been talked about I have seen more helmets than ever. Helmets do not act flawlessly, but they can’t help at all if they aren’t worn!
Freedom is nothing to sniff at ! But be intelligent in how it is used. Make wise choices, not ones that just turn you into income for Long term care places.


Just my 2 cents worth but I think if we have to wear seat belts in our vehicle we should have to wear a helmet. We never move our motorcycle with out helmets. We wear full face shields on ours also and long pants and leather boots. The military makes me wear reflective gear since I am on the back. The only problem I have is I tend to fall asleep on the back of ours and have almost fallen off more than once. Hubby has been known to bungee tie me to the bar I can rest my back on.


I think the Michigan law is great…try this at your own risk…maybe it’ll make a few people reconsider. I also agree with the seat-belt law. State troopers say they have never unbuckled a dead person. It should be automatic to use the seat belt. As for helmets…there was tons of controversy when that was being argued. Good point to bring up the expense of maintaining someone in a comatose or vegetative state because of no helmet. When I get a bike again, I’ll be using a helmet!