A reborn newspaper article

On Friday a reporter and photographer for our local newspaper came to our house to do an article on reborning!! It will be in the paper this coming Saturday, November 21st. The photographer (a man) liked them so much, he just kept taking more and more pictures! They were here for an hour and a half. I was nervous before they came and now am nervous what the slant will be on the article. I know our paper is on line as I have a friend who reads it on his computer but I am not sure if it is just some articles or the whole paper. If anyone is interested, I will see if you can get it on your computer. The paper’s circulation is 18,000.


Hey Jean,that’s great! I’d love to see.
I hope he got a picture of your baby Jesus!

I’m interested!

I’m interested!

Would love to read the article and see pics of your babies.
Now you will be overwhelmed with women wanting your babies- thats good.

The paper is the Worthington Daily Globe. My concern is they only do the front page news and not the feature articles, but will see. I will have to do more checking with the kids this week and see if they can get it–they are far away enough and know more than I do about computers. We have our family Thanksgiving this coming Saturday and Sunday so I will not be home until Sunday night. I will try to keep you posted. Oh, and yes, both the reporter and photographer go to our church and they took a lot of pictures of Baby Jesus. No one in our church or the pastors know about the baby, so no doubt I should get a comment or two.

I’d love to read it too!

Hi Jean, that is so wonderful. Please try and put in in the forum or a link
to it. Maybe they can copy and paste for you. hugs, rosemarie

Hi Jean, I’d love to see your babies and the article This is so awesome! Thanks,Connie

Me too…I’d love to read the article and see the pictures.

Me also!! Please try to get it posted to the forum.


I will do my very best to get the article available to you and thanks for your interest. Now I have to cook like crazy for 18 I think for this week-end’s family Thanksgiving.

Have fun at your Thanksgiving celebration!