A Reborn Bear!

I was blown away when I saw this reborn! Absolutely realistic! I never even thought that they could make reborns that looked that real using fur…well,fake fur. We love the real looking babies but I could love this too! http://www.ebay.com/itm/OOAK-Artist-Rea … 0805396395?

Well, actually she made a bear from scratch, including clay sculpting; this is not a reborn from vinyl – I’ve made teddy bears in the past and they are very difficult to do, especially turning the ears and snout. This one is made from very high quality materials like leather & faux fur imported from France, actual taxidermy eyes, etc. and it doesn’t seem any more outrageous than some of the high end reborners dolls.

This is an OOAK not a reborn. I am getting my first OOAK panda bear and can’t wait. This bear is beautiful and I am starting to get into collecting OOAK’s more so then reborns