A quote from DD

"Depending on the Valium our Sales generate, it can take 3-6 working days to ship everything out. Your patients is greatly appreciated.
All Sales are final, only production defects qualify for returns. "

They probably need a lot of Valium to handle shipping out your order.

   I think or rather hope she means.. volume.

LOL maybe a freudian slip

more like a German slip…her english lacks a bit!

it is German. she called me once to get my physical addy as she was using UPS at that time…when I answered the phone she said “Oh! you have an accent!” (Texas) I said "so do you! lol " wasn’t sure is Sckevinski was German or Russian but she said German. My maiden name was Kuhn and she says it is a common name in Germany! (sure isn;t here and no one in Texas could pronounce it! )

LOL! I needed that laugh before I call it a night!