A question for Nevin about new kits

Have we seen all of the new kits yet either available or not yet available?
Are there any that we havent seen that will be coming out this year?
Thank you Debi

Denise was suppose to release a mini baby this year to I thought…?

Yes, we will be releasing 4 new 10" babies sculpted by myself. Three of them should be available in December and the fourth will be early next year. We should have prototype pictures of them within the next 3 weeks. The kits will be available shortly after that. Their names are Kiri, Emma, Byron and Claire. Kiri is an Asian baby, Emma is an open eyed baby and Byron is a sleeper that is a portrait of our son Byron. Claire is a smiler that will be released early next year.

We plan on releasing Kameko this year. She is pictured at the bottom of our homepage.

We also have many new babies in the works, which will include babies by Donna RuBert, Jessica Schenk, Michelle Fagan, Pat Moulton and others.


I can’t wait to see the new babies!

Thank you for the answer. Cant wait for the new babies.

How exciting!

Oh I cannot wait!