A question about "Eden" by Marissa May

Does “Eden” by Marissa May wear mostly 0-3 month old clothing? Or 3-6 month old clothing?

I am in the process of making my mom a “Kinsey”, and bought her some 0-3 month old clothing. I now have an “Eden” by Marissa May. If Eden wears mostly 0-3 month clothing, I will instead make my mom the Eden instead of “Kinsey”. But If “Eden” wears mostly 3-6 month old clothing, I will continue making “Kinsey” for her. TIA!!!

I assembled my Eden kit to get an idea of the size, and she fits the 0-3 outfit I was hoping she’d be able to wear, however, it is a wee bit small. So while she probably fits most 0-3, personally I’d buy her 3-6 as I think it would look better on her

Thank you for your help.