A new baby just 3 days old...check out her rooting....LOL

My friend’s great-niece, Harper Marie, born on July 15th. Thought you’d enjoy seeing her hair and skin tones.

And one more

Isn’t she SWEET???

Here she is at one day old on Monday ~

Something in her face reminds me of Libby a bit- very sweet!

She is so sweet. And all that hair! So much for sparse rooting!

oh what inspiration…beautiful perfection!

Thanks for the pics Karen. They are in my reference folder…she is beautiful.

Yep, jaundiced. She had to be delivered by emergency c-section on Sunday; they lost her heartbeat during labor. She was a couple of weeks early & weighed in at 5 lbs. According to her auntie, she is doing better today. This little one is a miracle…well, ALL babies are.