A Lil Something Out of the Ordinary...Realborn Ashley


Quick picture that I had snapped the other day. Not the best.


Really? Did you happen to take a pic of the other body?


No, I didn’t. It’s the 15-17 inch for Cupcake, Bean, the Fairies and etc. The legs looked very odd (hard to explain. Also her legs looked too long and not in portion. The shoulders of the body was very broad. I think that’s because she has more slender arms/limbs. I think because the chest gathering was kind of funky it also made the body is a little too wide. I put her on the #1458 and she looks GREAT.


oh my WORD!!! That hair!!! That’s good…really good! So awesome!:heart_eyes:


Thank you :heartpulse: :heart_eyes: So gorgeous!!!


Gorgeous baby! Your painted hair is extraordinary!


Did you find that one of her legs is longer than the other. Maybe ones a little bent to make it look shorter.


Yes but that’s because it is bent and the other is straight.


Such a beautiful baby. The hair is extraordinary. Do you mind saying what size brushes you use painting hair?


Thank you so much. I use Prismacolor pencils :slight_smile:


Totally amazing.


She is beautiful!! So real-looking!!! What colour of Prisma pencils did you use for your hair? Do you use Premiere or Verithin? I wish u would do a tutorial!


Thank you. I use the Prismacolor Premier ones. I can’t remember exactly what colors I used on this one. I never use the same but typically do 3 colors. I want to say dark brown, dark umber, black and maybe touches of Sepia so that black wouldn’t be so “stand-outish”. The problem is with a tutorial it would be ALL over the place because I usually go with flow and really it actually for to even do the same style twice.


What is the average number of bakes you do painting a head?


Typically 1 layer. This one since the strokes very so fine, I didn’t want it to smudge so every so often I would bake & seal it. I did one side baked & and sealed, then the back baked & sealed, then other side & top.


I have gotten better at hair painting, but def not on this level. Plus most of my hair looks similar. Trying to switch it up, but it’s challenge… In the meantime all @specialmoments hair looks different and beautiful every single time. You definitely have a talent, Cierra!!!