A Lil Something Out of the Ordinary...Realborn Ashley


Sharing my version of Realborn Ashley. I haven’t painted a Caucasian reborn in about a year! I’m really thrilled at the way she turned out. The part that actually took me the longest was the hair. MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy Holidays everyone!


She looks great! I like the reds, it looks very realistic. That nose looks adorable too!


Breathtakingly gorgeous


You never cease to amaze me Cierra!!! ALL your babies come out amazing!! :heart::heart::heart:


SHE is so beautiful!!


She is beautiful!


She is beautiful


Thank you everyone :heart:


Beautiful :slight_smile:


Beautiful, as usual!!! Want to see more pics of this amazing hair!!

So which one is more work? AA or Caucasian?


Totally agree, she’s beautiful amazingly realistic. Would love to see more of her hair too!


I actually think they are about the same. I spent the same about time as I normally do if I was creating an AA or ethnic baby. The difference is the fine detail such as veining & capillaries which can get tedious. Then there’s layers of mottling, blushing, undertones lol I would say it’s about the same.




Amazing work ! She is beautiful !


I like all the purple undertones


Lovely baby and beautiful coloring!


Thank you so much everyone.


She is beautiful you did a great job on her.


Cierra :heart_eyes: your gorgeous painted hair absolutely blows me away!!! I’d love to see some full head shots :blush:
Beautiful newborn coloring!!


I waited ages for her body. Used the recommended & absolutely didn’t like it. The legs looked awkward & body looked short and fat. I personally recommend going with #1458 or #8827